WhatsApp Messenger has become the app of choice for millions of users who want to send text messages for free. But there's plenty more to the application than just typing a message and sending it. There's lots of features in WhatsApp that can make chats more enjoyable - and perhaps you don't know all of them.

Here, we list ten things you can do with WhatsApp that are not immediately obvious in the application. Some are available only in the Android version of WhatsApp, while others can be enjoyed across all the platforms that have the app.

1. Send WhatsApp conversation history to someone

You can send an entire conversation history from WhatsApp via email. In Android, click on the Menu option in a conversation (it's on the bottom-right of the screen), go to 'More' and select 'Email Conversation', before entering the address of the recipient. WhatsApp will create an email with the whole text conversation, including any pictures, voice or video clips.

In WhatsApp for iOS, go to Settings and choose 'Email chat history'.

2. Change the WhatsApp chat wallpaper

You don't always have to stare at the same, boring background in the chat screen. You can choose a background to appear in this window by going to the 'Wallpaper' option in the chat menu. You can either select a picture that's on your Android phone, or choose to use one of the delightful backgrounds in the WhatsApp Wallpaper app. This app is automatically downloaded when you choose the 'WhatsApp' option in the Wallpapers menu.

In the iOS version, choose 'Conversation Settings' in the Settings menu and tap 'Chat Wallpaper', before choosing which image you want.

3. Save photos you've received

The images and videos that you're sent in WhatsApp chats remain stored on your device in the WhatsApp\media\WhatsApp Images folder. In Android, you can view these images in the Gallery, and can share them on Facebook, apply them as contact photos, and more. In iOS, WhatsApp images are stored in the Photos app.

In WhatsApp for Android, you can see all the files you've sent and received by clicking on the Media button in the chat menu.

4. Make back-ups of your WhatsApp conversations

If your WhatsApp conversations are important to you, it's a good idea to make backups of them so that you don't lose them if there's a problem with the app. To do this, go to the Settings menu, choose 'Chat preferences', then click on the Chat history backup option.

Don't worry about remembering to make daily backups, because WhatsApp automatically saves a copy of your conversations at 4AM each day.

5. Use the Enter key to send WhatsApp messages

How often do you write multiple lines of text in a single WhatsApp chat message? Surely not very often. As such, the Enter key on your phone is not really of much use. There's an option in WhatsApp, however, that lets you use the Enter key on the Android virtual keyboard to send messages instead of having to press the Send button in WhatsApp.

To enable the option, go to 'Chat preferences' within the Settings menu and check the 'Enter is send' box. This option is not available in the iOS version of WhatsApp.

6. Create shortcuts to WhatsApp conversations

If you're a WhatsApp addict, then you probably get fed up with launching the app every time you want to speak to someone. In the Android version of the app you can create shortcuts to conversations that appear on your home screen so that you don't even need to open the application to pick up on conversations - just tap the icon with the name of the contact.

To set this up, choose 'More' in the chat menu and tap the 'Add conversation shortcut' option.

7. Choose a WhatsApp profile picture

It's possible to set your own WhatsApp profile picture, by going into Settings and choosing 'Profile'. Just tap on the existing profile image and select a picture you'd like to replace it with. You can pick an image that's stored on your phone already, or snap a photo using your device's camera.

This image then shows up as your profile picture in WhatsApp on someone else's phone, rather than the contact picture they have set for you on their device.

8. Send much more than just text

Don't settle for just sending text messages through WhatsApp: you should also take advantage of the various other sharing options the app has. With WhatsApp, you can also send pictures, videos, voice messages, your location, and even contacts.

9. Change your WhatsApp status

You can change your status message in WhatsApp to reflect what you are doing, and warn people why you aren't available to chat. This status message then appears next to your name when you appear in people's contact lists.

There's a Status option within the main WhatsApp menu, and you can type your own message or choose one of the preset status messages in the list.

10. Broadcast a WhatsApp message to many contacts

If you need to quickly get a message out to more than one person at a time, the easiest way to do this is to 'broadcast' a message in WhatsApp.

Just select the 'Broadcast message' option in the More menu and select the contacts you want to send it to. Now type your message and hit 'Send'.

If you want even more WhatsApp, we answer 10 of your most burning WhatsApp questions.


  • Diane |

    Once your chat has been deleted is there anyway you can retrieve it again.

  • Aicrag Leafar |
    Aicrag Leafar

    And there is another hidden feature: addiction. To fight against this addiction I can recomend all of you “Whatsapp Addiction” app. It is an app that helps people to control themselves in the use of whatsapp, showing messages on the mobile screen when configured time passes. You can find the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rag.android.avisadorWA&hl=en


    why isn't there yet a whatsapp version for the ipad?

  • Benjamin |

    Whatsapp for iPad too please!

  • agbonga |

    I like this lesson on Whatsapp, because it came at the right time in few days I will receive my android phone. So it will help me use it.

  • jthornton |

    Hi Diane, yes there is! I've put together a guide to recover deleted chats here: http://onsoftware.en.softonic.com/how-to-recover-deleted-whatsapp-chats

  • tony.m |

    can automatic send history to my email

  • Ruma Sen |
    Ruma Sen

    Is there anyway I can save the profile pictures of my Whatsapp contacts?

  • volkom |

    yes Ruma..... Well at least in Galaxy 3s...new androids have the screen shot option. I open my whatsapp contact pic and take the snap shot and save it in my gallery. Very useful this feature..

  • Vera |


    Is there a way to display a song that I'm listening to as a status on a iPhone?


  • Celestine |

    I received a whatsapp message from someone I don't know. I can see the number, but nothing else, no status or picture. I know I can block this person, but how do I prevent it in the future and why is it allowed to happen. I thought only contacts can send you msgs

  • Shabbir |

    Hey buddy, I have got recently married and I have caught my wife with someone else, though I have forgive her now, but I doubt that she still chat with that guy. I just want to keep a track on her chats without taking her freedom away. So Is there anyway that I track on whatsapp chats of someone else. Please help me......

  • josie |

    @ celestin once some1 as your # and whatsapp on their phone they can easily message you, even tho you don't have them as a contact on your phone.

  • Munira |

    Why can't people view video recording from wats app when sent via email.

  • yashwini |

    hw to delete a profile n created it again.....??

  • MAIL666666 |

    (I have caught my wife with someone else, though I have forgive her now, but I doubt that she still chat with that guy. I just want to keep a track on her chats without taking her freedom away. So Is there anyway that I track on whatsapp chats of someone else. Please help me......)


  • Gurvinder |

    I want to know if we can broadcast videos and images also as we do text is what's app. Please guide mess if it is possible.

  • Dorothy Spies |
    Dorothy Spies

    i cannot get a proper answer to my question from Whatsapp. when i type a reply to a message i have received i do not get the send command under options or even the R or F option on the cell phone.

  • Zeynep |

    Can i send more than one media at once? I need to send 25 pictures and i dont want to deal with them one by one..

  • Zeynep |

    Oh and im using an iPhone5

  • Ernstine |

    Hi i just got a iphone 4s from someone and was trying to download whatsapp on my iphone but they selling for $.99 and the billing requires a credit card which i dont have. what do i do now i so want the whatsapp for my phone. please help

  • *tom |

    @Ernstine - get an iTunes gift card? They work for the App store and you don't need a credit card. They sell them all over the place.


  • trina sabino |
    trina sabino

    does any of my other contacts have access to seeing my media and photos shared with other contacts? why isnt there any real way to privatize my whatsapp app?

  • Sally |

    Hi,if you send a picture through whatsapp is it on view to all of ur contacts or does the conversation stay private between the two of you?

  • juliet |


  • susie |

    Can you make some messages private so if I show someone my phone they cannot see a particular conversation but they can see the others? Thank you!

  • Tiff |

    when wifi picks up on an iphone does it automatically view messages? my bf is in Afgan and i would send him messages and i would see last seen after i sent the messages and he wouldnt reply to some. he says that his phone automatically views messages and he does not necessarily have to be on whatsap. is this possibly?

  • KJ |

    if i send a message to a friend of my and it shows a clock box with no tick marks, and i delete it will the person receive the message or not?

  • Yo |

    Nothing new, these are not "hidden" features, just features, like in any other app.

  • rashi |

    can i save someone profile pic in my phone? using an anaroid..samsung grand !!

  • m leigh |
    m leigh

    Not use how to use it on this phone.

  • ahmed kamal |
    ahmed kamal

    i need skype to my mobile nokia 9300 i cannot find

  • natasha |

    i am not able to save my friends profile picture from whatsapp into my htc desire phone i dnt hve that option is there any other way

  • Shabr |

    I installed Whatsapp, I love it! It has a big problem: I'd love to chat with people but I have never had any friends. PLease tell me why?

  • theresa |

    i have recieved two audio notes from my friend,but cannot listen to them. a box appears saying they cannot be loaded at the moment,and to try later. that was four days ago! what cam i do? x

  • Nadine |

    Hi there, I deleted two pictures that someone sent me, so they are no longer in my pictures folder (I have a BlackBerry Torch 9800). However, when I go into the senders profile in the actual app, it shows me all the media files that they have sent including the ones that I deleted. When I click on the pic to view it a message comes up saying 'media cannot be viewed as it has been deleted or is not available'. Is it possible to retrieve without the person re-sending the pic?

    Thanks for your help

  • deepika sharma |
    deepika sharma

    as u have told about shortcut,, can anybody please tell me how to delete that shortcut from my phone,,,i hve been trying to remove but there is no option to remove...please help me out...its urgent....is shortcut ki wajah se m in a bg prblem....:(

  • sandile |

    i cant download this social network

  • Khushi |

    I knew of all these features ;) Watsapp rocks!! better than smsing.....

  • Shyam |

    Change the WhatsApp chat wallpaper awsm gud info thankx but how 2 save contact profile picture in HTC DESIRE V ???

  • Shyam |

    ( " as u have told about shortcut,, can anybody please tell me how to delete that shortcut from my phone,,,i hve been trying to remove but there is no option to remove...please help me out...its urgent....is shortcut ki wajah se m in a bg prblem....:( " )

    which phone u r using ???

  • ahmed |

    is it possible to get a message from someone that u dont know ?

  • s |

    please can there be an option to use the contact photo on my device instead of the profile pic a friend takes. I like mine better.

  • Lianne |

    Hi some one sent me a song on what's app can I download it . Thanks

  • Marco |

    Im having a hell of a time texting! I can see my contacts but theyre grey and I cant click on them!

  • RV |

    1.) how many sms can i send at one go via broadcast ? 2.) maximum, how many people can be added in 1 group ?

  • rams |

    How to get my own last login times . . !? Becaus I hav a doubt that someone cheking my msgs . . Plz help me . . !?

  • jthornton |

    Hi RV, to answer your questions, you can broadcast to 25 people and the maximum number of people in one group is 30. Hope this helps!

  • sanju |

    Is whatsapp available for nokia c203 if availabla tell me how to download

  • Lynn |

    Is there anyway to know who's watching you on whatsapp ? Even if you don't have their number ??

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