Unlike on PC, most people don't customize settings on Mac. The default settings work with little problem. Now with multi-touch gestures, there is even less of a reason to change settings in Keyboard & Mouse under System Preferences. But if you haven't updated your Mac operating system or are still using an older model, you may not be able to take advantage of these features.

If you're looking to add some cursor customization, here are five different utilities that you can install and use.

SteerMouseSteerMouse: This driver for both USB and Bluetooth mice lets you customize all aspect of the device, from the wheel to the clicks and movements. You'll be able to set cursor speed and acceleration and have it placed at a particular location when certain windows are opened up. SteerMouse also lets you customize cursor actions depending on the application.

Mouse Locator Mouse Locator: With Macs upgrading with bigger and higher resolution screens, it's becoming easier to lose track of where the cursor is on your screen. With Mouse Locator, you have an indicator on the screen that will instantly call out to you to show you where your mouse is on the screen. It's a simple utility with one purpose, but can be indispensable if you're working with a lot of apps open at once.

iCursoriCursor: Visual effects might really be your thing. In this case, you'll probably like iCursor. This program allows you to choose from 20 different effects to accompany your cursor activity. These go from sparks to fire, bubbles, a shower of stars and more. The effects are well designed yet you might want to turn them off after a while, as they tend wear you out a little.

wraparoundWraparound: This ingenious little program literally lets you wrap your cursor around multiple screens, as the name obviously suggest.Those of you who work with multiple monitors will know the pain of dragging the cursor on large spaces. With Wraparound, all you need to do is approach it to one side of your screen to switch to that one. A real lifesaver.

onmidazzleOmniDazzle: Similar to iCursor, this little plugin adds effects to your mouse movements. It can be both entertaining and practical as it's also an original way to highlight movements and actions with your cursor. You can easily change colors and sizes of elements according to what needs to be revelaled on your screen.

If you're running an older version of Mac OS, it may be time to update or upgrade. The features found in later versions of OS, including the newly revealed OS X Yosemite can probably replace the need for these customizations.


  • Samantha |

    What can I do if Mighty Mouse does not work on my computer? I still want to customize the way my cursor looks, but Mighty Mouse is not compatible with my computer. Any Suggestions?

  • Vlad |

    Don't download Mighty Mouse if you have mac osx 10.5! it doesn't work and they don't respond to emails, so it's a waste of money!

  • Mick |

    As a rule I don't bother to write comments on the internet, but this whole Mighty Mouse issue as got me puzzled. (1). how come the developers of Mighty Mouse haven't bothered to upgrade their software to include it to the latest version of Mac OS X (10.6.3) Lets face it we all do the software updates on OS X, and a whole batch of customers want Mighty Mouse and can't use it. (2). Why don't they respond to emails, i.e. their "suggestions tab" I've asked repeatedly for them to upgrade the software so I can buy a copy, but to no avail. (3). why doesn't some other software company write a new program to do the same thing only better, seems to me a huge hole in the market place for this sort of software. When you think that "Little Snitch" is the most widely used firewall for Mac, and I'm sure almost everyone uses it (stupid if you don't) that has to be a lot of cash at the end of the day, well worth the time to develop the software. Wish I knew a software writer, I'd pay him to write it.

  • harry |

    Totally agree with Mick.Yesterday i sent Mighty Mouse and Shapeshifter developers an email asking them if they had plans in the works to make their products compatible with Snow Leopard,the sent me a reply thanking me for the suggestion.I wouldn't hold my breath since they haven't updated their apps. since Mac 10.4.They have really bad business practice.Maybe they plan on riding Mighty Mouse until the wheels or rather the cape falls off.They must think everybody with a Mac is never going to upgrade past v. 10.4..

  • George |

    I wish mighty mouse would work :l

  • ethan gray |
    ethan gray

    cool icursor

  • ryan marcos |
    ryan marcos

    iCursor awesome



  • Fjpackard |

    Ahhh, how I WISH Mighty Mouse would work....!! :(


    I love i courser, but mighty mouse does not work :( :(

  • muffin man ftw123 |
    muffin man ftw123

    i cursor is realy cool but i want a highlighted cursor

  • Rainbow Dash is Best Pony |
    Rainbow Dash is Best Pony

    That's sad that Mighty Mouse doesn't work:(

  • MinecraftGuy247 |

    Mighty Mouse can only work for old version of mac

  • duuuude |

    How do u open a new effect in cursor

  • Derp |

    iCursor is the best. Duuuude, you have to open icursor then cick on effects,

  • lex |

    ugh nothing works because my mac is too updated i wish the mac could change there cursor :(

  • person |

    icursor is awesome!!

  • amelia.bishop.3 |

    I downloaded both icursor and omnidazzle but my mac won't let me open them because they are from an unidentified developer, can anyone recommend anything like those two that will actually work on my mac or tell me if I'm doing something wrong!! I get bored of the normal cursor!

  • macbooksparkles |

    Okay, so I just downloaded OmniDazzle which is okay, I only like one of the effects. I also downloaded iCursor and it is great! I have the newest MacBook Air and it's absolutely fabulous.

  • mary.attard3 |

    whene i play 8 ball the mouse wont work properly

  • |

    i belive that! because the mighty mouse,mouse locator,icursor and steer mouse is working but... the omni dazzle and wraparound is doesn't working.

  • |



  • jamescrowe |

    try mousecape

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