Do not panic the penguinsIt suddenly struck me the other day that I was writing a lot of reviews about animals that had gone completely crazy. Now I don't know how much global warming, deforestation or cheap air-travel has got to do with this but it's been worrying me. I mean if snails do start firing missiles or penguins start panicking what are we supposed to do? I've never dealt with a panicking penguin before and there's no sign of a survival pack arriving, which I assume would include a colourful bar of chocolate with a calming joke. Here are some of the mad monsters we need to look out for:

  • Bang! Bang! (Palm) - Shoot pigeons from your garden
  • Icebloxx (Symbian) - Penguins vs fire and ice
  • Go Bananas! (Symbian) - Marvin the Monkey goes mad
  • Whack-A-Monty (Pocket) - New Super Mario Bros fun with moles and Luigi
  • Snails - (Pocket, Symbian, Win Mobile) - Missiles, war and super-fast snails
  • Penguin Panic (Pocket, Win Mobile) - Tetris with very nervous penguins
  • Chuzzle (Pocket) - Chuzzles are very rare animals: they keep exploding
  • Lemmings (Pocket, Palm) - Diggers, parachuters, blockers - kill them all
  • Amoebax (Symbian) - Parasite paradise in a Tetris-style puzzle
  • Animals of Mass Destruction (Win Mobile) - Angry muts with machine guns


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