What are you all thinking?I only ask because I see Mirror Free is still at the top of the chart in the App Store. Quite why people are so fascinated by this app is completely beyond me. In my opinion, nay, in fact, this is the worst iPhone application of all time. It's an application so pointless that its functionality can be replicated without even turning your iPhone on.

In case you've not heard of it, Mirror Free is a program that places a series of poorly-designed picture frames on your device, allowing you to see your face in the black space in between. It looks terrible and offers no functionality whatsoever. Even the developer of the program has admitted that "this app is a piece of crap".

Of course, it's not the first pointless app to become mega popular. There was iFart, which replicated the sound of flatulence; Spin the Coke, which was designed for risqué college party games; and iBeer, which made your iPhone look like it had beer in it. Like Mirror Lite, all of these stupid programs reached the top of the iTunes chart. The logical conclusion, therefore is that most iPhone users are a bunch of vain, vulgar, promiscuous alcoholics. Feel free to disagree with me, but I think you'll find the evidence speaks for itself.


  • Sam |

    Now, this is THE correct place for reading about your rant on what you consider to be moral and decent, specially when such rant includes a free generalization of iPhone users, you seem to make no distinction between those who have interest on that kind of software apps and those others who haven't even thought of getting that "crap".

    If we follow your line of reasoning then perhaps we should judge all people because of what is written in papers, shown on TV and aired in radio.

    I also wonder if you are the kind of IT pro that calls people "stupid" because they can't figure something on their computer... e.g. turning the term "user" into an insult.



  • Manuel Chao |
    Manuel Chao

    But of course... Softonic is, for sure, completely free of useless software.

    To give an opinion in those terms is very inaccurate, even more when you are managing a site that is monetary supported by software developers (hello! Apple...?), and advertisement (hello again; Internet media publishers and advertisers).

    It is ok that the app could be not as good as it should, but, at less, it is free. Let´s be real: a free app has the right to be crappy (and a user should never be consider stupid for download a free app; nevertheless could be a complete stupid for sending a sms for download "safely" some piece of software, nor for buying this in Softonic http://brickshooter-egypt.en.softonic.com/ )

    This was a very sad post to read...

  • Tom Clarke |
    Tom Clarke

    Double Woosh!

  • iPhone Tipps » Blog Archive » Are iPhone users stupid? | OnSoftware |
    iPhone Tipps » Blog Archive » Are iPhone users stupid? | OnSoftware

    [...] James Thornton added an interesting post today on Are iPhone users stupid? | OnSoftwareHere’s a small readingI only ask because I see Mirror Free is still at the top of the chart in the App Store. Quite why people are so fascinated by this app is completely beyond me. [...]

  • iFartMobile |

    iFart has brought laughter and joy to millions of people around the world, and that was our goal. Fart Humor may be crude and vulgar to some people, yet it's hilarious to the majority. Ask any of our 500,000+ users, they'll tell you that's the point.

  • John |

    Did you ever drive down the road and you notice a car crash? You have to slow down and look. There is real purpose or value to looking.

    Maybe that is one of the reasons it is so popular.

    We work hard on some apps like iCopter 3D and Photo Vault and this turd of an app is #1.

    John Swartz Inner Four, Inc. (yup, we wrote the crappy app in question.)

  • Inflecto [Software Developers] |
    Inflecto [Software Developers]

    I think we should congratulate the app writer for making such a popular application with minimum effort and leave it at that! I wish I could put that little effort in to an app and achieve such popularity!

  • Burn |

    In the above article we can see a prime example of a person with no sense of humor. Sure the apps are stupid and pointless but isn't that what makes them funny or fun? I know most of my friends would get a good laugh out of having an app that just showed a blank screen with a frame around it. It's stupid-humor, like in Monty Python and the Holy Grail when they "ride" past a person who's just beating water with a large stick. It has no point, but it makes us laugh. It only makes is funnier that something as stupid as the mirror free app has made it to the top of the charts. Bravo, mirror free.

  • Bob |

    That app isn't even in the top 25 free apps.

  • CJ |

    Woo. The whole idea of this post is beyond me. I guess I am thick. It starts "Are iPhone Users Stupid?' and goes on: "I only ask because I see Mirror Free is still at the top of the chart in the App Store." Which is not true.

    The question is an attention getting headline which is an undeserved insult to iPhone users. Of course they might read the post, which will run up hits, and improve the bottom line. That must be it.

    New rules of business: Insult people, and they will come.

    By the by... Mirror Free has a 1/2 star rating in the App Store. I guess iPhone users who will try many free products are smart enough to give junk a low rating.

  • James Thornton |
    James Thornton

    The fact that the program has such a low rating and yet despite this people are still prepared to download it in their droves only serves to illustrate my point. As does the way a simple tongue-in-cheek post seems to annoy iPhone users so much.

    And as for comparing the 'humor' of Mirror Free to Monty Python...Graham Chapman will be turning in his grave.

  • Tom Clarke |
    Tom Clarke

    It's also worth noting that Mirror was top of the charts when this post was written. I'm not saying that OnSoftware knocked it off the top of the charts. That's not for me to say. That's for you all to think about.

    What I will say is that those of you who are griping about the title of this post might well be the ones suffering a sense of humor failure. The fact that James's 'logical conclusion' is nothing of the sort ought to have made that clear, though I suppose this is pretty complicated stuff.

  • WRM Online Reputation |
    WRM Online Reputation

    I agree, the title did seem to be written to incite iPhone users, and of course that drives up visitors.

  • Nomi |

    iphone has set a standard for smartphones development which should not have been the way it is now. Smartphone= phone+texting+email/internet+camera etc accessories. Not horse shit like iFart or this stupid ass mirror app.

    Real software developers/programmers are taught classes like ethics in schools.

  • Businessman on holiday |
    Businessman on holiday

    According to most comments I read here, I think it is correct to say that the answer your question is 'Yes, James, yes!

  • Congrats Apple |
    Congrats Apple

    The iphone is stupid and so are all the people who keep buying the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....blah blah blah iphones. Seriously...they keep releasing more because dumbasses keep dropping their current one to be on a waiting list to get the new one. Way to go Apple for being able to exploit the retards of todays society. Keep that cash rolling!!

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