I still find it a bit weird that there's no official Twitter client for iPhone or BlackBerry. I mean, what do all those guys at Twitter actually do all day that means they haven't got time to knock up a couple of mobile apps? I guess we shouldn't worry too much because there are several decent applications that let you tweet from your phone. There are plenty of duds too, so here's a cut-out-and-keep guide to the best.


TweetDeckPorted from the popular desktop client, TweetDeck for iPhone is a powerful command center from where to preach to your minions on Twitter. It uses a column-based interface that lets you quickly swoosh between friend feeds, searches, direct messages, etc. You can add and remove columns at will, helping to make for a very personalized tweeting experience.

TwitterificTwitterrific is another client that offers a bevy of features locked within a clear and concise user interface. The app, which supports multiple Twitter accounts allows you to define auto-refreshes of your feed, and checking links in tweets is really well integrated. There are options to change the appearance too, as well as three settings for font size. You can also post your location and easily tweet images taken on your iPhone.

TwitterfonA slightly less elaborate choice is TwitterFon, which lets you tweet quickly from a streamlined (if slightly dull interface). Although it doesn't pack the same depth of features as the other two, it's a bit easier to navigate. Besides allowing you to tweet normally, TwitterFon also lets you post pictures from your iPhone, and links from Safari using a bookmarklet.


TwibbleIf you're a BlackBerry user looking for a Twitter client then I recommend you have a look at Twibble. This Java-based app is perfect for keeping in touch with your followers on the go. Thanks to its location-aware features, Twibble lets you quickly tweet details of exactly where you are in the World to anyone who is following you. Likewise, you can also track the location of the people you're following. The app supports text templates, and allows you to create shortcuts to make handling the program much easier.

openBeakOpenBeak (once known as Twitterberry) is a pretty easy-to-use solution which is great for fans of minimalist interfaces. It comes with integrated camera support, so you can take shots on your BlackBerry and post them to Twitter without leaving the application. It lacks advanced features but lets you do all the basics such as checking your friends, yours and the public timeline, then replying to posts, retweeting them, or add them to favorites, all with just a couple of clicks.

UbertwitterIf it's a feature-heavy client you're looking for then try ÜberTwitter. The client offers location features without the need for GPS, and lets you see everyone who is tweeting around you. Besides its integrated camera support, ÜberTwitter also lets you send videos from your device embedded into Twitter.  The app even gives you the option to update your Google Talk status automatically every time you tweet, which is pretty cool. Be warned, all these goodies do make ÜberTwitter a little more sluggish than the others, though.

Of course, if you find any of these clients to be too much fuss, you can always just use good old Twitter.com in your phone's browser.


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