FPS CreatorYou're probably a hardcore gamer with hundreds of playing hours under your belt. You've created your own clan and you train a few hours everyday in your favorite First Person Shooter (FPS). You've even upgraded your PC just for the sake of playing. However, I'm sure there's something you haven't tried yet: playing your own game!

Don't get me wrong here: I'm not talking about simply making up a game and its rules. I'm talking about creating your very own first person shooter! What's more, you don't need to have any programming or 3D designing knowledge: just install FPS Creator and put your imagination to work.

This excellent editor provides you with all the elements you need to create your personal FPS: walls, doors, corridors, stairs and more, as well as decorative elements. The game also takes care of physics and music. You can download extra packs from their website to obtain more characters, weapons and other elements.

This demo version has a 30-day limitation but gives a very good sneak peek of the whole version. Besides, it also includes the complete PDF user manual to help you during your first days with the program. Just one more thing: if you eventually manage to create a great FPS, don't forget to send it to Softonic so that we can review it!


  • tyler |

    this program sucks balls you dont make anything its like the map billder on tony pro scater its gay

  • J Dog |
    J Dog

    dude the program doesn't suck. its so easy to understand and you can pretty much create a real FPS game without know a thing. And you can burn and sell it to people. It free easy and FUN! I barally play on my comp but when i tryed this it was awesome. I hope to get the FPS CREATOR X10 which has way more features and you can even add water to your maps

  • J Dog |
    J Dog

    oh and its builder dumbass

  • Dan |

    FPS creator DOES suck balls. You can hardly do anything with the free version, the AI is horrible, and the map builder runs along a square grid (meaning you can only make square & rectangle room shapes. No triangle/circle rooms). Also, FPS creator is not free. The free version sucks. You cannot create stand-alone games with the free version. You can't even make multi-level games unless you pay. Oh, and it's like $60.00. $60 bucks? No way. Honestly, if you want to make FPS's: just go out and buy the old DOOM 2 game, get a good map-editor for it, and make up to 32 map replacements for the game. There are programs that let you put in your own sprites & enemies, so you can practically recreate the game into anything you want.

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