Download Flickr DownloaderThere are millions of photos on Flickr, but who has time to search, review and download them one by one? Let do the hard work and download as many photos from Flickr as you want, all with just a couple of mouse clicks. You can search by user, tags or groups and create a Flash slideshow or screensaver with your brand new photo collection from the program itself.


  • Scott B. |
    Scott B.

    How does your product compare against Photo Shop or the current statistical industry giant?

  • Tomas |

    Hi Scott,

    this is not "our" product. We've only reviewed it for our website and our blog, insideTonic. Also, this product can't be compared to Photoshop: Flickr Downloader, as its name states, downloads photos from Flickr, while Photoshop is a photo editor.

    Cheers, Elena

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