I'm a big fan of online translators, not only because I'm interested in languages in general, but also because they make my work easier every day. Google Translator has been sitting on my Bookmarks Toolbar for a long time, as it is the translating service I use more often. However I recently found out that Microsoft's Bing has launched its own translating tool, so I decided to give it a go. You have to try things before judging them, don't you?

Google Translator vs. Bing Translator

The first obvious difference between Google and Bing is precisely their translating powers: while the first supports more than 50 different languages, the latter features only 20. But the truth is that when Google Translator was launched it didn't support that many languages either, so I wouldn't be surprised to see Bing Translator adding more languages in the future.

One thing I love about Google Translator is its ability to detect source language automatically, so I don't have to select it every time I use it. Luckily Bing Translator offers the same functionality. Also, besides direct translations, both Google and Bing offer some extra tools, such as a widget to offer a translated version of your website (both), a special utility to perform translated searches (Google only) or a translating bot to assist you in multi-language chats (Bing only).

Google Translator vs. Bing Translator

Now, what about translations themselves? Honestly, I didn't find much differences between them in my tests. I tried several language combinations with Spanish, English, German and Italian, using different texts and swapping the source and target languages in order to test the translating engines. The results were surprisingly similar, in both ways: when Google Translator obtains a good translation, so does Bing; and when Bing produces a completely absurd text, Google doesn't succeed either.

Oddly enough, both seem to be better at translating into English: as soon as you pick another target language, results are a bit distorted. Both are also equally fast: you hardly have to wait for more than 5 seconds to have your text translated. The only difference I noticed, if any, is that Bing seems to be slightly better at certain expressions, providing you with the correct translation instead of a meaningless word-by-word equivalent.

Generally speaking though, both Google and Bing feature similarly powerful translating engines. So if you work with different languages on a daily basis and need to do frequent translations, I'd suggest you take advantage of both of them!


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  • Courtney |

    I did a similar comparasion between the two using French and German. With German the results were similair to yours - they both did well on individual words, but stumbled on sentence word order and had your translations looking like Shakespeare wrote them.

    With French it was a different matter. Google does much better at adjectives and their placements. And with French homographs I had the distinct impression that Google picked the right word more often. (must be their "feel lucky" experience.

    The biggest drawback to Google over Bing was the limited amount of text (one paragraph) that Google translates at time (at least my version, the word monkey) versus a whole page in Bing.

    Now the length of the text to be translated normally drives which version I use.

  • ida p. too |
    ida p. too

    i think google is better

  • Mike |

    I can't speak for the other languages, but in German-English translations Bing is way better than Google.

  • saleh |

    I can’t speak for the other languages, but in Arabic-English translations Bing is way better than Google

  • salamajaleha |

    I can’t speak for the other languages, but in Thai-English translations Bing is way better than Google

  • asdasda |

    Hey, you upper me!

    You look like robots, or people, financed by Microsoft, to write better things. Hehehe:-))

    salamajaleha Posted at 1:28 pm on Mar 3rd

    saleh Posted at 12:41 pm on Feb 21st

    Mike Posted at 6:53 pm on Jan 12th

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  • Acácio |

    I can’t speak for the other languages, but in portuguese-English translations GOOGLE is way better than Bing

    Greetings from Brazil! ;]

  • joke |

    I think it depends on what language you want to translate to. I mean, for example, maybe Google is better when you translate an certain language to french but Bing would be more powerful in translating to a different language, in japanese for example.

  • soren |

    I like bing more then google in Danish>English. Its better, but not that much a diffrence.

  • BenderICF |

    Nice article. Odd - the same exact article appears here: http://bloggingexpert-blogger.blogspot.com/2010/03/bing-translator-vs-google-translator.html by someone else...

  • Spacey |

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, unfortunately people regularly copy our content. You'll note that ours has been online since 2009.

  • BigBill |

    I'm still using PROMT - it's a complete package and now available for 15 dollars on eBay, not 300 as it used to be.

  • Sagar Gaur |
    Sagar Gaur

    Well I tried Hindi-English translation in google. Results were surprisingly incorrect. eg.I wrote "मूर्खता को सरल language में परिभाषित नहीं किया जा सकता है" it means Stupidity cannot be defined in simple language but the result was Stupidity can be defined in simple language

    Notice the can and cannot

  • Marc |

    I find that Bing comes up short with Latin languages. Sometimes dreadfully so. I'll take Google over Bing for my translations.

  • dabest |

    omg u people r just sados like minging people transletor ma ass

  • nnnnnnnnnaaaaannnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaa |

    hi u sado s

  • Myke lown |
    Myke lown

    Google is a lot better than bing!

  • helena jacinto |
    helena jacinto

    working with google is a charm. Bing's ok, but have to learn a lot...

  • Bin Laden! |
    Bin Laden!

    Fuck bing!

  • helena jacinto |
    helena jacinto

    Fuk Bink! It's a sht!

  • Bill Shor |
    Bill Shor

    Well now its 2011 things have changed a lot between these two, obviously they have something the other does not, and google was the winner for many time but by now Bing has made really bing improves not only on its translator but also in its maps, now days bing translator has more accurate translations than google, however google has more languages. in my personal opinion, I think Bing is better.

  • AAA |

    but google is getting paid now... Any other option which can be used..

  • Amit |

    Yes you are rite its getting paid ?? so nothing can be done...

  • schizzilator |

    Both are horrible at Hungarian translations, so I'll name that language as the holy grail to crack. Not really fluent in any other languages enough to comment seriously, so they're both about equal I would say. And yes...I'll even extend that comment into the SERP results for both search engines as well. Actually, I've noticed cleaner results on Bing as Google is choking on spam lately. Bing still has weak ads though. Getting an ad about toothpaste when you're searching for home improvement is pretty sad. Gotta improve that if they're going to make any money.

  • bas |

    in Czech-English translations Bing is way better than Google ;)

  • Saddom Squash |
    Saddom Squash

    Boo-Yow! We are conversing as a world and not a region. Google seems to have the jumpstart on translating engines, but I have had a "BLAST" using Bing's audio pronounciation.

  • MrCoco |

    if you' d like to translate a website, use bing. it's much better.

  • saad.h.ali |

    I like bing more then google in arabic>English. Its better, but not that much a diffrence.

  • greg |

    WHAT THE FUCK GOOD ARE YOUR APPS IF THEY DON'T FUCKIN WORK.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pascal |

    I had a few phrases translated in Facebook. One from Turkish to English, another from French to English. Turkish, ok, but French? Should that be a problem? Apparently, it is a BIG ISSUE for Bing.

    Like Greg said, if your apps don't work, don't launch them. It's like giving people free cars, only, the car can explode any moment.

    Really, if Google's app is even WORSE than that pile of shit Bing calls their "translator", we should consider bringing Google to court for crimes against humanity :-)

  • Gallagherrose |

    I find the Bing traslations from French into English totally abismaland often totally wrong! For instance,"polonaise" was translated into "Polish". and many other errores.

  • Gallagherrose |

    I find the Bing translations from French into English totally abismal and often totally wrong.For example,"polonaise" translated into "Polish"!and many other errors.Some translations make no sense at all in English!(correction of previous errors)

  • gallagherrose |


  • Whatever |

    For Chinese-English translation, Google is waaaaay better than Bing, I even can't believe how smart the google translation is.

  • 456849 |

    bing is better

  • Eagle's view |
    Eagle's view

    Both are good in it's own way. Bing has capacity to combine the words and form the exact meaning. However, this doesn't always work. Google is no more as the same google translator as it was before. I'm shocked why they are descending in translating field. I tried some offensive swearings and slangs containing two or three words on Bing. It prduced the translation so naturally that I was really pissed and felt as if the software sweared at me. For google, It translates the swearing words individually and sounds totally unnatural. This is only one example. I don't intend to write all here. Other commentators who is fan of google would complete the rest. This war between google and bing would always be going on. Both of these are competiting and we have to get the advantages. so try both. One says bing translator better other says google translator better. Both of these kind of people are like blind sheep.

  • bullinacave |

    bing translates the word whale to кит, but sometimes decides to call it China Китай, why is anybody's guess. i think it is a test to see how well you studied your second language lessons in french if you're english and if you're chinese, good luck. google just pisses me off in more ways than i can explain here in one paragraph, so suffice it to say, i just use bing and reverse translate the phrase to see if it's giving me the syntax that i want. it's a pony trick from the first world war where i was a horse whisperer. i like a few idiosyncrasies to keep me on my toes that way i check my dialogue three ways from word. yahoo babel was much worse at this. anything is an improvement on that. i also hate microsoft because they are code pigs. ; )

    code warriors rule! bull

  • Jack |

    Bing might as well be called bing bang bong. It translates Japanese into Martian dialect which alians can understand but not English speaking humans.

  • Jesse Prieto Medina |
    Jesse Prieto Medina

    To the blogger of this article i would just like to say thank you for this information I'm not all that technologically advanced , but have always wondered which engine was better to use being I too love different languages and must translate friends post and comments being so once in awhile I sometimes look like a fool when I reply with out of text convo lol. In short thank you for the insight which I do totally agree with.

    Thanks. Mr. Medina

  • Jamie/luigi442wii |

    Bing has more compatibility as it works with the 3DS and other DS's.

    I also noticed incorrect capitilization with Bing. I typed in Super Mario 3D Land (English to Japanese) but when I translated back it said Super Mario 3D land.

  • kinyou |

    google is the best,translate exactely******

  • mindpower |

    Your "test" using text from Picasa is totally stupid. Picasa is already available in several languages and ANY smart search engine will already pick the target language text from the site itself.

    Bing does the translations on Facebook and they are rubbish! Every translation of foreign messages from my friends looks ridiculous compared to the result of cutting and pasting into Google translate. How you can possibly think Bing comes anywhere near Google is beyond me.

  • Steve |

    `German to English on facebook `BING`traslates like a load of gooblygook, absolute tosh????

  • nobody |

    I did bing vs. google on Hebrew-English (and vice-versa), and bing was much better.

  • jastaiti |

    The only advantage I find with Google is that it offers you virtual keyboards for various scripts.

  • |

    The Bing translation on facebook for English-thai is hilarious - total rubbish !

  • DblAgnt |

    There is a huge difference between bing and google translate. Google translate near perfectly with any human translation. Bing translations are weird. There is a particular difference when translating jokes. Bing chooses words that make no sense in the joke, while Google always hits it right ALWAYS, EVERYTIME. Bing like all of MS products is half baked, unreliable, pretending to be something it isn't, arrogant about it's claims when it is barely novice level.

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