There are plenty of great video editing programs out there for Windows but none can match the price (free) and simplicity of Windows Live Movie Maker. Microsoft has maintained the intuitive timeline dragging, easy to use ribbon interface, and an abundance of good looking effects and animations. In today's How To, we will teach you how to add visual effects and animations in Windows Live Movie Maker.

windows live movie macker visual effects

1: Windows Live Movie Maker simplifies its user interface with the ribbon, as introduced to Office in 2007, and now all the animations and visual effects are just a few clicks away. First, import your video and scrub to where you want to want to start an animation or visual effect and press "M," which splits the video.

2: Now choose an effect or animation you want to use and click on it. That's it! You've not got an animation or visual effect placed in front of the clip you chose. This works for video and photos that you import so you can start experimenting with the look of your video! Windows Live Movie Maker allows you to have a live preview of each effect and animation before you decided to use it. This is useful as it allows you have the video presented as the finished product.

windows live movie maker animations

Adding transitions and animations between photos will make a lovely video slide show for your vacation photos. You'll want to be careful as to how many different types of transitions you want to use as it can be jarring and distracting for the audience. The good thing about Windows Live Movie Maker is that it is simple enough that mistakes can be fixed easily.

Now you know how to polish your video projects with animations and visual effects!


  • Daryl Ford |
    Daryl Ford

    Windows you need to make more visual effects and animations or allow them to be custom made, perhaps with a new program? They're not really allow for much customization and are pretty dull and boring. Please add some new ones or release a program where the user can edit current effects and animations or create their own.

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    kalidas ghatak

    i want downlod window live movie maker.

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    place downlod

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    add more options in window live movie maker.


    This is a hard Fail man!

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    Windows live movie maker is simple... real simple try Adobe premier 6.5 its very good..

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    it sucks

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