Most of us enjoy our favorite music on mobile phones and MP3 players. But every now and then I still need CDs to listen to music – for example, when I'm in my car. Ands this is when ImgBurn comes in handy: a free, easy CD and DVD burning tool that lets you perform all sort of disk burning related tasks. Here's a short tutorial on how to use ImgBurn to create custom audio CD:

1. Open ImgBurn, go to Mode and select Write.

Burn an audio CD with ImgBurn

2. On the next window, click the icon with a CD and a musical note, so that ImgBurn knows you're creating an audio CD.

Burn an audio CD with ImgBurn

3. Click on the top right button to browse files in your hard drive and add them to the recording queue for the CUE file.

Burn an audio CD with ImgBurn

4. Click OK and this will create the CUE file you need to record the disk.

Burn an audio CD with ImgBurn

5. Right after the CUE is created, you'll be taken to the screen in ImgBurn from which you can burn it to a CD straight away.

Burn an audio CD with ImgBurn


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    It seems to be a very helpful explanation as I have been searching to know since long time that how to do CD or DVD burn. I would like to thank you for information on it. :)

  • Pierre |

    Short, clear, and straight to the point instructions. Thank you.

  • Bonnie |

    Not sure if anyone can help me. I am very new to all this! I have downloaded music in the MP3 format, as that's what I have in my car. It won't play anything I've burned, unless it has been "finalized". I use Nero BurnExpress and have been unable to find a way to do this on there. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I am quite technologically challenged, so please keep it simple! Thanks

  • imbaprasad |

    but wen compared 2 nero... amount of data burned on disc is very less ...

  • Jsoeph |

    I can't get it to burn a music cd even after creating the cue file. I don't know what is going on. I keep getting a "power calibration error" so I hit retry and the same thing comes up until I have to cancel the burn. I tried twice with two clean disc's already. The same thing happens. I've burned video's to cd-r without a problem. So I don't know what the deal is.

  • lama |

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  • Calubos |

    thanks it was straight to the point

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