The speed of your internet connection is very important today. With so much stuff to do online – download game demos, watch videos, browser media-rich websites, having a proper broadband connection is a must. But, how can you be sure that you’re getting the megabytes you’re paying for from your Internet provider? Easy: you have two ways to measure the speed of your connection. One is installing a special tool like Jc Net Meter, which monitors your Internet connection and keeps track of both your download and upload speed rates.

How to: Check your Internet speed

Jc Net Meter is a very simple app that measures Internet speed without interrupting your work. It generates real time graphics, has a few customization options and keeps a record of maximum speed rates and transferred data – which may come in handy if you have a limited data plan.

The second way to measure the speed of your Internet connection is using one of the many available online speed monitors. A popular one is speedtest.net, where you can run a quick test to measure the speed of your connection.

How to: Check your Internet speed

Speedtest and other similar websites are not feature-rich as specific monitoring apps; they don’t keep track of data and usually don’t have any configuration options. On the other hand, they’re perfect for s quick speed test and don’t require you to install extra software.

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    your software is not in my system in windowsXP

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    http://speedof.me is much better.. it's html5 based not flash!

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