If you want to make sure that your Skype history stays personal, you can erase recent calls and IM lists from the application.

Skype keeps a record of your recent calls and instant messages. This can be useful if you want to pick up on a previous conversation with someone but you might be worried about your Skype activity being seen by someone else.

It’s not always obvious how to clear your chat history in Skype though, and often the feature is well hidden. So, here’s a guide to how to erase call and message logs in Skype for all the major systems:

Delete chat history in Skype for Windows

1. Access recent chats

Skype for Windows keeps a record of your most recent text and voice chats, which you can view by choosing ‘Recent’ from the ‘View’ menu.

2. View recent conversations

You most recent chats are displayed in the left-hand side bar and information about the conversation can be retrieved just by clicking on the contact’s name.

3. Delete chat history

To delete your conversation history in Skype, go to ‘Options’ and highlight the ‘Privacy’ tab. In the ‘Keep history for’ section you can remove the log by clicking the ‘Clear history’ button. Here, you can also choose how long you want Skype to keep your chat history for. You can select ‘None’ and the application will never save recent conversations.

4. Hide individual conversations

If you only want to wipe a particular exchange in your history you can do this by right-clicking on the contact’s name in the ‘Recent’ sidebar then choosing ‘Hide conversation’. You can unhide conversations again by going to ‘Show hidden conversations’ in the ‘View’ menu.

Delete chat history in Skype for Android

1. Access recent chats

Click on the ‘Recent’ icon on the main screen of Skype for Android to access your chat log. An indicator on this icon shows you how much new activity is in the list since you last checked.

2. View recent conversations

A list of all recent call and IM activity will now be displayed, along with information about the call, or an excerpt of the text message.

3. Delete chat history

To delete a conversation, long-press on the contacts name in the history window and choose ‘Close conversation’ in the menu that pops up. You need to delete each individual chat record separately.

Delete chat history in Skype for iPhone

1. Access recent chats

Recent call history in the iOS version of Skype is displayed in the Messages tab, which you’ll find along the bottom of the screen.

2. Delete chat history

You can delete a conversation in Skype for iPhone simply by holding your finger on the contact name and swiping to the left. A ‘Delete’ button will appear and you can press this to wipe it off the log.

3. Alternative method

You can also remove chat records by clicking the ‘Edit’ button within messages. Here you can toggle the Delete button using the stop sign icons. Don’t be fooled: it looks like you can delete individual messages but you can’t. You still need to mark and delete each record individually.

Delete chat history in Skype for Mac

Your recent Skype chats appear in the sidebar of the interface, underneath the contacts list. You can remove recent chat history and delete conversations in Skype for Mac by going to the ‘Conversations’ menu and choosing ‘Delete conversation’ (will remove the entire conversation) or ‘Clear Recent’ (will hide the details of the conversation in the Recent menu.


  • Jean-Marc Rochecouste |
    Jean-Marc Rochecouste

    I am presently involved in a court case whereby a Skype conversation clearly negates the defence's argument. I have this conversation on my Skype history. Is it possible to have this proof from Sype themselves? as I am unable to print this evidence.

  • suyash |

    contact to skype guys just mail them

  • mitchelin dowell |
    mitchelin dowell

    thanks very much for the information it was very helpful was getting sweats deleting conversations for privacy almost severed skype from facefooks

  • TI |

    this doesnt work after you close the conversation u can stil bring up the history . I think people want to know how to permanantely delete the conversation

  • faizan |

    thanx dear its useful

  • MISZY |

    I still can't delete permanently my messages in skype. the instructions where clear but it doesn't really help. once all the recent or messages are deleted it will still give you the same messages every time one of your contacts sends you a message. PLEASE. Again, how do you PERMANENTLY DELETE MESSAGES IN SKYPE. THANK YOU!

  • MISZY |


  • Mariana Stanciuc |
    Mariana Stanciuc

    I press Hide conversation under the Conversation tab that became grey. Now I want to unhide conversation but button unhide is still grey and I cannot press it .Leave conversation button is also grey, cannot press. Please advice how I can unhide conversations.

  • msg |

    Can you see on yor verizon texting records messages from skype?

  • phil |

    Has anyone asked Skype

  • BINNY |


  • Drin |

    If you want permanently to DELETE this Skype boring conversation history just go to SETTINGS- APPLICATIONS- MANAGE APPLICATION AND C L E A R D A T A!... I just did that for Android Phone!

  • Drin |

    I meant go to Phone Settings and not in Skype Application Settings

  • Michael |

    Hi, I can delete part of my private messages to some persons using DeleteSkypeHistory program. it has time filters for conversations

  • Yonkers] |

    Thank you This was more helpfull than skype support.

  • Ch |


  • tonyb1065 |

    How do you delete chat history for Skype on Windows 8? It seems impossible. I can't figure it out. Please help.

  • Buubaj |

    The method posted DOES NOT delete your skype history(at least in how it is described for windows). It just makes it unseen. Anyone with a little skill could still see your skype history.

  • Buubaj |

    On windows navigate to C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\Skype\(your skype user name)\chatsync

    In it will be lots of little files with names like "1a" or "fe". Delete them all and empty your trash can.

    The problem is, the other user has to do the same for all of their files as well before you sign back into a conversation with them or Skype will repopulate your history with the chat logs of your conversations from their computer.

    If you have sensitive conversations you don't want others to see, make sure you clear skype history from all your devices. On android, the best way is probably app manager>skype>clear data. Also if you are using a back up program on your phone, expect that those logs have been backed up there and will be available when/if you do a restore.

  • mary.shields.948 |

    Tried everything - same problem I want to remove all history and can't.When I return to conversation - the history is still there! Not happy about this, I want to be able to delete private chat from skype on my phone. please help!!

  • Aligator44 |

    I usually get my Skype history cleared permanently without going through too technical methods. The best way for me is to use the application like DeleteSkypeHistory (Windows users). It fully removes all Skype history locally stored on my PC. So sensetive chats appearing back and forth never ever gets on my nerves. Am glad

  • Dine9 |

    Take a look at Delete Skype History program (http://deleteskypehistory.com/). It works with desktop and Windows 8 store app Skype versions. It can remove conversations with single or more contacts which you select. It can also clean all your history. Before every cleaning it creates conversation backups and you are free to restore them whenever you want.

  • tautonakgaswe |

    Where does skype store history conversations on Blackberry z10

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