When you hear the words "video editing" you probably think of extremely complicated software and long sessions sitting in front of the computer. However, video editing is actually not that difficult. In fact, if you choose the right app, it can be fun!

A good starting point for first time video editors is VideoPad Video Editor. It's easy to use and light on resources, and will also help you get used to the basic elements in video editing so that you can later on jump onto more complicated apps.

How to: Edit videos the easy way

The interface in VideoPad Video Editor is divided into several areas. The Media List is where you add all the files you're going to use in your project (video and sound), The dual screen player lets you preview the clip you've selected at a given moment, and the sequence of the project you've completed so far. Finally, at the bottom of the window, you'll find the timelines – one for video and one for sound – with their correspondent controls.

The first step in editing a video is obviously adding the files to your Media Lists, by clicking the Add Media button. When you click on any of the elements in that list, it'll be previewed on the left screen. You can then use the controls under the screen to set the in and out points, that is, the beginning and the end of the video fragment you want to use. When you're happy with the selection, click the green  arrow button to send it to the timeline.

How to: Edit videos the easy way

Keep on adding fragments to build your video composition. You can either use the original soundtrack on each of them or add background music to the whole project. Remember to save your project regularly – you don't want to throw away two hours of video editing just because your computer froze and you hadn't saved. Also, feel free to use the transitions and special effects included in the video track area to spice up your composition.

How to: Edit videos the easy way

When you're done, it's time to export your work. Save the final version of the project - in case you want to work on it again the future - and then click the Save Movie button on the top toolbar. You'll be able to export your video to a wide selection of formats. The choice will depend on where you plan to watch it, as well as the size and quality you're aiming at. The selection based on presets is great for newbies, while video editing experts will be glad to know they can actually customize the preset's options and create new ones.

Edit videos the easy way - work in progress

Your movie is ready. Time to enjoy it!


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    This is a very nice little introduction, and I love to see that you picked VideoPad as an easy video editor.

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    I want to add a files which is ppt.file( Microsoft powderpoint) to the Media Lists to use in my project. However the videopad video editor can not except. Is the a way to do it?

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    I have spent many hours trying to use this. It seems to be a great program. But, it freezes up continually. If anyone has a remedy please let me know.

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    I Have a doubt is this offline

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    We have used this program in the past. We had the free version and had less options than the paid version but we were thrilled with it. I was overwhelmed initially but after a few practice videos I got the hang of it and have missed it since our old laptop died and became outdated. I'm going to dwnld it again right now! Look for our personal videos on Vimeo.

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    I'm glad that this wwebsite has introduction it's can help me to use this video maker,thank you very much.

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