PageSender LogoOne of the lesser known features of Mac OS is the ability to send and receive faxes over any internet connection. Using an online faxing service such as eFax, jConnect and EasyLink, you can send faxes via a small application called PageSender. PageSender presents a fully-functional fax service allowing you to easily send, receive and manage faxes.

It's completely integrated with Address Book, Entourage and all Palm devices with Palm Desktop installed. It allows you to automate faxes via AppleScript and it has a handy cover page designer to help you create professional looking faxes. You can even attach PDF documents. Note that if you don't want to use a web service you can also fax from mac using a modem.

Using it is simple:

  1. Select "Print" from the file menu in any application you're using
  2. In the print dialog that appears, make sure that "PageSender-Fax" is selected in both your printer and presets box.

PageSender Fax Dialogue

3. If you want to add a cover page, click the Cover Page tab

4. Click "Add" to enter the name and fax number(s) of the recipient

5. Finally click "Print" and your fax will be sent to PageSender where you will manage your sent and received faxes

PageSender Fax Dialogue

6. In the PageSender interface you'll be able to see when the fax was sent, to what number and whether it was successful. PageSender also supports Growl notifications so you'll also receive a sent or fail message to your desktop also.


  • Patti E Lee |
    Patti E Lee

    I've been looking for a free fax number for my iMac. I'm glad I Googled it tonight. Thanks for putting it up for us. These times are difficult enough to get through and saving money on a fax program is right up there with the BEST! Thanks Again! P. Lee

  • Nicholas Mead |
    Nicholas Mead

    Glad it helped Patti! It's a great program.

  • Fatima |

    How do you receive faxes??

  • gary |

    It's not free. They are asking for $39.95.

  • Nicholas Mead |
    Nicholas Mead

    @Gary, I notice they have upgraded Pagesender since this post was written to version 4.5. Thanks for pointing this out.

  • Erin |

    Doesn't work!

  • Roger |

    Trial version keeps failing.

  • BSmoove201 |

    I Got The Full Verison, Im Using A iBook G4, I Dont Know Whats Happening I Cant Receive Or Send, I Dont Want To Delete, It Looks Better Than The Others Ive Downloaded.

  • Ben |

    I installed page sender on my MacBook Pro but when I hit print to fax the document, I got the page sender dialogue box saying that the operations failed. I did not hear any dial tone. I was trying to send the document out with the internal fax modem. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Nicholas Mead |
    Nicholas Mead

    Hi Ben, the reason you couldn't hear a dial tone is because there is no internal modem in a MacBook Pro :) You have to setup an account with a fax sending provider such as those suggested in the blog post.

  • Kim Stegeman |
    Kim Stegeman

    Does that mean MacBook Pro users can't use this software? I tried plugging directly into my modem and it still didn't work.

  • Andy |

    Trial version isn't working for me, either.

  • stephen |

    not working for me either

  • Justin Sternberg |
    Justin Sternberg

    This is probably less than obvious to most users, like it was to me, but pagesender either requires a phone line plugged into your computer (btw, Macbook Pros do not have an internal modem which is why there is no phone jack), or you must set up an interent fax account with one of their approved providers. pagesender does not use your internet connection to send faxes, unless you have one of these providers set up!

  • John Durham |
    John Durham

    I have a 17" G4 PowerBook. I plugged my phone in and sent out 10 faxes using PageSender in the last month. I used the built in Apple Fax program that comes with 10.4.11 for the first part of this year and that is something you can talk about not working and not telling you it didn't work. It actually indicates that it does work. If it is important, and most faxes are, I would never again count on Apple to come through for me.

    I have sent some very vital faxes with this program and all of them have been confirmed by the parties receiving them. It is much much easier to use that FAXstf which used to be from SmithMicroSystems. Because Apple's OSX fought with their program's fax receiving function, their last version would not function normally on anything but 10.1. That version is available as freeware and is not worth the effort. Someone at SmithMicro has no clue about "ease of use".

    PageSender is the best I've come across so far. Because I've used it for a month and was getting ready to buy it any day now, I was just searching online for something that someone would tell me about that was better than this one. I wish I would have found the diagram (under #2 instruction) at the top of this site's page before I sent my first fax out, It would have been very helpful.


  • chris sepulveda |
    chris sepulveda

    So - I figure you have to have an internal modem that is hooked to a phone line for this to work?

  • karwein |

    I just clicked on the link in your post and it says that PageSender has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. Any other suggestions for a free fax program? I have a MacBook Pro and would like to be able to send out faxes, but there is no phone jack on this laptop. Thanks for your help. Karen

  • Nick Mead |
    Nick Mead

    @karwein: Your best option may be to use a web based service such as eFax. The MacBook Pro does not have an internal modem to send faxes with although you can buy an external one from Apple.

  • Pete |

    Another black mark against Apple as far as I am concerned.

  • Michelle |

    Thank you for this app. Just what I need.

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