If you're anything like me, you'll find iTunes to be an essential part of your working day. Whether I'm listening to my favourite podcasts or concentrating with the help of some soothing music, iTunes stays running all through the day. Which is why I started to become pretty worried when a recurring error started to appear recently. Each time I start iTunes, I receive an error warning stating that "The iTunes Library file cannot be saved. An unknown error occurred (-48)".

iTunes error (-48)

It took me a bit of time to work out how to fix this problem, so I thought I'd pass on what I found. This error basically stems from iTunes not being able to write its Library file to your iTunes folder. To fix it, simply find your iTunes folder (located in My Documents > My Music, in my case), right click the folder's icon and choose 'Properties'. From here, click 'Advanced' and make sure that Fast indexing is switched off for the folder. Also, make sure that in the main properties dialog box, 'Read only' is completely unchecked.

This worked for me, but let me know if you're having further problems with error (-48).


  • Mike Doyon |
    Mike Doyon

    I have been experiencing the same issue for the past week or two on a Windows XP Pro machine. I tried the suggested fix and it appears to have worked! Thank you.

  • Ami Hunter |
    Ami Hunter

    I have been trying to fix this same problem for an incredibly incredibly long time and this worked!! Thank you so much!

  • Ami Hunter |
    Ami Hunter

    I have been trying to figure this out and have tried a million things for an incredibly incredibly incredibly long time and this actually worked. Thank you SO much!

  • Tom Clarke |
    Tom Clarke

    Ami - so good you thanked me twice!! Glad it worked for you ;-)

  • Anna Moore |
    Anna Moore

    Wow, I've been having this same problem and could not for the life of me find a suggestion on Apple's site. Thank you!!

  • Jordan |

    Thank you!:D

  • sunflare |

    This worked the first time I tried it. However, my computer keeps checking the Read-Only box everytime I close the "Properties" window. Any suggestions as to keeping Read-Only unchecked?

  • Ian Harvey |
    Ian Harvey

    Yep, this also appears to have worked for me after a long, long search.

    Thanks to the OP.

  • Chandan |

    Your advise didn't help but I deleted all the temp files in my iTunes folder and that solved the problem

  • Ruth |

    Thanks for posting this! You saved me a long night of tearing my hair out while I tried to figure out what was wrong.

  • Mr.Sté |

    it didnt help for me, i think i'll delete all the temp files and see what happens! =] Any other ideas?

  • Graham Edward Krenz |
    Graham Edward Krenz

    This worked for me, using windows XP and an iPod classic. If I thought you would accept a marriage proposal, I would ask you, for you sir are my newfound true love.

  • Tom Clarke |
    Tom Clarke

    Graham, I'm thrilled and flattered. But I already have a lady wife.

    Glad the trick worked for you!

  • Pondy |

    its not working for me, there's no advanced option in the properties.. also when i uncheck read only, press apply and ok, it just checks it again by itself. any ideas?

  • sumeet |

    its not working for me, there’s no advanced option in the properties.. also when i uncheck read only, press apply and ok, it just checks it again by itself. any ideas?

  • Taylor's gal |
    Taylor's gal

    The (-48) error message on iTunes 8 only comes up when I plug my iPod in. It will not let me look at anything in my iPod or even see how much memory I have left in it. Also when I try to put songs in my iPod it tells me that, but the songs still show up and play on my iPod. It is annoying thought because I bought the game Phase for my iPod and you have to drag the songs to that folder too! so now I can't play any of my new songs on there. Can you help me?

  • Dana |

    omg!! Im still getting the error 48 message whenever i plugin my ipod and whenever i TRY to drag new songs over to my ipod!! PLEASE HELP!!! im getting really mad!! MY IPOD IS MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Selina |

    Hi...umm ive tried this but my itunes keeep on sayin Selinas ipod cant be sync and theres an unknow error happening PLEASE help ill go on my knees if i have 2 but i need myy ipod its my life i cant live without it!

  • faris |

    hey i have a problem :( i cant put songs in my 80GB ipod :S it says (the ipod ***** cannot be synced .the required disk cannot be found wat i do ???

  • dan |

    I have been experiencing this and am grateful for the advice, its given me a clue as to what is going on but unfortunately doesn't help solve it since on top of the error message all my music folders after c (Cameo!) have vanished. The music is all still there - i can access through iTunes - but I cannot access the iTunes folder since it comes after c and have no idea how to access it. I've tried everything and the only thing I can think of now is to reformat the whole system. Bah.

  • (nic) |

    For some reason I cant get to advance when i go to properties. And songs get deleted when I close itunes.

  • RC |

    Work for me too. Thanks!

  • rita |

    i cant download itune 8.02 on my laptop

  • Jenny |

    it didnt work 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:[ other ideas!?

  • Mal |

    I didn't work the first time I tried it but it did the second. Thank you so much!

  • donald |

    everytime i download itunes it wont let me open it after i download it.it just says error has occurred sorry for the inconvienence do u want to send an error report. what should i do

  • Diana Joe |
    Diana Joe

    I've been experiencing the same thing for 1 month and i've tried lots of things and failed. but this time, it's really working. thank you so muuuuchhh !!!!

  • Sammy Slayer |
    Sammy Slayer

    thanks bro this helped. =D

  • Pseudo_Penguin |

    Omg, I love you!! Thank you sooo much!! My computer says thanks too 'cause I was about to explode it and stuff... hehe. Thanks again!

  • Lui |

    i didnt used this but i figured out a different way, i set my ipod into disk mode and plugged it in2 my computer 4 an 1hr and half then told my computer to check 4 errors and error 48 didnt show up agian so theres 2 ways of doing this.

  • jeremy |

    I did the step but, I get another error saying...

    "error occurred applying attributes to the file: c:/documents and settings.../itunes library.itl access denied." what do i do?

  • Dave |

    Thank you so much for this assistance. I had tried other measures but without success. I found it woeked if I made the changes with my ipod connected.

  • steve |

    none of these tips are working for me plus my library is now reverting back to how it was months ago and new items are gone and old deleted items are visable again...this needs sorting quickly by apple...anymore hints peeps please

  • Alex T |
    Alex T

    I really really hope this works I'm trying it now, but have been struggling with a mucked up ipod for nine days. it's killing me!! anyway ... i'll see how it gets on.

  • Alex T |
    Alex T

    Great now it's come up with error 1303. Grr itunes is irritating me.

  • Mimi Lee |
    Mimi Lee

    It worked for me! Thanks!

  • bob |

    doesnt seem to work in win 7. The folder reverts back to read only when you close the dialogue

  • Madeline |

    I am havin trouble with the same thing except a -1202 error. Does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks

  • MikeHunt |

    Did not work for me, there is no advance option available!!! nothing works, and its funny, Apple offers not advice to fix this unless you call the, of course they want to charge you!! I think this is Apple's idea to screw the consumer and hope they will buy a new one, got news for them, no way!!

  • Dale |

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Tara |

    I've tried doing this, however once it gets to the Temp File.tmp it says I don't have access to change anything (even thought I'm the administrator!) I have no idea what this file is, but its only occurred in the last half an hour after downloading 3 songs through Limewire. Help!! :-|

  • Thomas |

    Great trick! I've been on my way of selling my Ipods and the computer as well. this seems to work so far. Thanks a million for the tip!!

  • Mike |

    A Combination of your and Chan's Advice helped. THANK YOU SO MUCH, this shit was driving me crazy.

    "Your advise didn’t help but I deleted all the temp files in my iTunes folder and that solved the problem"

    Thanks again guys, seriously =).

  • roger leahey |
    roger leahey

    I tried to follow various advise to fix this problem, but it all seemed crazy. Here's the way I fixed it: I did nothing - except to open and close iTunes several times and the problem went away.

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