Windows 8 will be released on October 26th. If you just can’t wait to take it for a spin, check out our review for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, install it, and give it a try.

One of the most noticeable differences between Windows 8 and its predecessors is the Windows 8 Modern UI that sports a tiled interface. You can browse and install various apps to customize your desktop experience on this particular UI, which gives it an added appeal for those of us already familiar with adding apps to our smartphones.

Not sure how? Here’s an easy, four step approach to installing an app on the Windows 8 Modern UI.

1. Once at the Modern UI start menu, simply locate the Windows Store tile and click on it.

2. You’ll be taken to the main page of the Windows Store. You can browse or search for an app you’d like to learn more about or simply install. Click on the app’s tile.

3. Each app has a unique page that displays all the information about it. You can read a detailed app description, see its cost (or lack thereof, in this example), scan screenshots, and see user ratings and reviews. If the app suits your fancy, simply click the Install button located to the left of your screen.

The app will automatically begin installing for you. You’ll be able to use Windows normally while it does this in the background.

4. Once complete, a little notification will appear to confirm the installation was successful. The next time you check your start menu, the app should be present there and ready for you to use.

That’s really all there is to it when it comes to installing a Windows 8 Modern UI app!

Of the apps you’ve already installed, which one’s your favorite?


  • sagar.bijja |

    This OS is easy to handle and i like it

  • Paula Barefoot |
    Paula Barefoot

    I'm not about to spend $500 for a new, Touch enabled monitor to replace this high end 3D monitor I picked up just 2 years ago! I'm waiting to see what the release of 8 does to the price of 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I'm hoping it drops significantly! Otherwise I'll download the new Ubuntu that will come out next month. I'm already dual boot with Intrepid Ibex but had some driver problems. I'm told the newer versions don't suffer from that problem much.

  • jay panchal |
    jay panchal

    hi sir i m jay From Gujarat. i purchesd a new mobile phone in Rs. 20000-25000. which company is best smasung,nokia,sony,blackberry and which model ? which is best Windows,andriod,os and which difference and i dont about this windows.andriod,os? in mobile disply resoulaton is which better in which? in mobile disple, ram,microslot,proof,processor,applications,nfc,map,camera, capecitive touch screen is beter, and most applications is in phone? and service center is in gujart... pls sir reply me.

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