This morning, I installed and set up Windows 7 on my ASUS 1000H netbook. It wasn't exactly difficult to do, but given that gathered a few strands of information from a few different sources, I thought I'd share the whole process with my fellow 1000H users, and anyone else who might be interested in the latest version of Windows.


I'll start off with a list of the downloads you'll need to get everything up and running, but you can also download a special ZIP file I've made for this post, which also includes installers for Firefox, Adobe Flash, AVG and various other utilities I consider to be essential in a fresh install.

What you will need

  • Asus eeePC 1000H (mine has RAM upgraded to 2GB)
  • Windows 7 Beta disk (get this from Microsoft here)
  • USB DVD drive (installing from a flash drive may be possible)
  • Fixed ACPI drivers (download here)
  • Ralink wifi driver for Vista (download here)
  • Intel graphics driver for Vista (download here)
  • ASUS SuperHybridEngine (download here)
  • Or just download this ZIP file which includes all of the above drivers, as well as various other handy utilities

Step one - preparing the 1000H for Windows 7

I had two partitions on my 1000H: one for Windows XP Home (default OEM install) and one for Mac OS 10.5.5. Installing Windows 7 will overwrite your Windows XP partition, but it won't affect your OS X installation... much (more on that later). As with any OS installation, the first thing I did on my 1000H was back up any photos, documents etc, on either my Windows or OS X partitions, just in case.

Once you're sure that you're ready to go, connect your DVD drive via USB and restart your 1000H. It's impossible to upgrade directly from Windows XP at the moment, though this will probably change with the retail version of Windows 7.

Step two - installing from the Windows 7 DVD

Once you restart your 1000H, make hit F2 to enter your BIOS settings and ensure that you have the CD/DVD drive selected as your preferred boot device, then boot into the DVD. When you see the welcome window, select your locale and keyboard preferences (interestingly, these settings didn't stick for me: I had to configure the Spanish keyboard on my 1000H once Windows 7 was up and running). Next, hit Install now and you're required to accept the terms and conditions of the Beta.

Next up, you're asked if you want to upgrade or perform a custom (brand new) installation. At this point, you can select Upgrade, even if you had XP Home installed before. The installer should spot your existing installation after a few seconds and will display the standard warning that your old files and apps will be moved to a Windows.0 folder. Personally, I usually back up the things I need and delete this folder as it often takes up a lot of space on the HDD.

Now just let the installer run. When I did it, the whole installation only took about 20 minutes. Don't forget to keep your Windows 7 product key handy in order to complete the install.

Step three - updating the drivers & installing utilities


Once Windows 7 is up and running, you'll need to install the ACPI,  wireless and graphics drivers. Set the Intel graphics driver to use Vista compatibility mode or otherwise it won't run properly. You may need to restart your 1000H a couple of times during this step.

The ASUS SuperHybridEngine works fine in Windows 7, as do the ASUS hotkeys controlling volume, brightness and so on. Once everything was set up, I tested the Windows Experience Index and got a score of 2.3, which really isn't that bad for a lightweight notebook.

Final observations

In all, Windows 7 runs very well on my 1000H, and the user interface and response times seem better than on XP. Boot takes 32 seconds, which is a good 17 seconds faster than Mac OS 10.5.5 on the same machine. Windows 7 doesn't feel too buggy, so far, so it's great to see that Microsoft have finally come up with a decent successor to XP. It's definitely a recommended upgrade.

The Windows 7 bootloader did remove (or at least hide) the option to boot into OS X. To fix this, I simply ran NeoSmart EasyBCD to force it to display OS X as an option. The first time I did this, I broke the Windows bootloader too, but this was easily fixed by booting with the Windows 7 install DVD and fixing the installation.

[With thanks to: EeeUser forum]


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  • eeeFan |

    You don't mention the LAN driver. After installing Windows 7 on my 1000H the Attansic L1 LAN driver is missing and not installed by Windows Update. Have you found a working driver for this?

  • Tom Clarke |
    Tom Clarke

    @eeeFan - you're right, I didn't mention it. To be honest, I hadn't even tried it yet as I have wifi at home and at work. Sorry about that. Have you tried to install the Vista driver?

  • whoRyder |

    Forget about Win 7, How did you install OSX on your eee??

  • Tom Clarke |
    Tom Clarke

    @whoRyder - I used iDeneb and 10.5.5. Actually, I should probably write a guide for that too, right? ;-)

    In the meantime, check out these two awesome pages which I found really helpful: http://www.enik.ch/2008/10/osx-leopard-1055-on-the-eee-1000h/ http://ipis-osx.wikidot.com/installing-ideneb-1-3-1000h

  • Justin |

    hey i have the same problem as eeefan, i need the lan driver; can you please help me? i really need my lan so i can get back on xbox live, any help much appreciated. details on how to install drivers really helps me out, thanks a lot

  • Tobbe |

    Installing from usb-stick IS possible and very easy to do acually. For tips check out my webpage (in swedish though.. but I think you can get the hang of it). ;)

    Nice tutorial though. But the only reason Im here is because I need those drivers. ;) Lost my own somewhere. =)

  • ppnog |

    for LAN drivers use the suplied in 1000H driver DVD

  • Charlie Alexander |
    Charlie Alexander

    Nice bit here - but for my setup : I have an Eeepc 1000H with Win 7 RC Built 7100. It will not run any of those drivber programs. It tells me they are for another version of Windows.

    FWISW The wifi and LAN worked 'out of box' so to say.

  • Jon Sebastian |
    Jon Sebastian

    I did this,,, started without this article and finished up using several of your suggestions.... Is running beautifully. My only hope is that I can afford the upgrade when it comes out and that it won't screw up my perfect installation, as everything is operating with precision


  • Josiah |

    After the installation to my 1000HA, my built-in webcam quit working with windows 7. Any help? Thanks!

  • adz144 |

    Windows 7 RC1 build 7100 is more stable, but i have no application to running WEB CAM and Resolution 1024 x 768 is not available any more. Can any body help me?

  • Joe |

    I just installed it on my 1000h! Works like a charm! I used windows ready boost to hop it up! I got 5 gig of ram! Thanks a lot! But I have one question... I couldn't get the video drivers to install. Kinda bugs me... I like playing teeworlds. If you can help me out i'd be great! Btw how long does beta work??? -- Joe

  • Marcelo |

    ¿Como como figuraste el teclado para que reconociera todos los caracteres?

  • Kristian |

    i can't get it to boot from my USB DVD drive :( i change priority but it won't boot -.-

  • Kristian |

    fixed it

  • Erik |

    While I restart my Eeepc 1000HE nothing happens when I press F2. Is there another way to make it boot from the Dvd drive?

    the .iso image for Win7 is on the dvd drive.

  • Ryan |

    If you keep tapping the esc key when you power up you get a boot menu, select your CD/DVD drive and you are off.

  • Jennifer |

    I just loaded Windows 7, 7100 build and have a couple problems. The biggest one is the screen resolution, I finally got the eeePC Tray Utility loaded but it won't allow me to select 1024x768 (normal or compressed) and I need the compressed to use with one of my programs. My other issue is the hotkeys say they are assigned but don't work. I am open to suggestions, I've read a lot of threads on various sites but no one seems to have any answers that have worked for me.


  • sap |

    thankyou window id mail

  • rohan |

    hey thanks for the guide. i installed w7 on my eeepc 1000h, works pretty damn well, but i can't help but notice it lags a lot when streaming video's online. even when i turned off windows aero and all the fancy stuff it still felt the need to take its sweet as time. although that could be chrome's fault...

    that's my 2cents

  • rohan |

    i think i was meaning to write "arse" or "ass" time... or it could've just been "sweet as time". who knows

  • Tom Clarke |
    Tom Clarke

    @Rohan - yeah I know what you mean regarding the video lag. Suggestion: did you install the Asus Super Hybrid Engine app which came preinstalled on your 1000H? I haven't tried it, so I don't know if it works but I'd recommend giving it a go.

    As to your second comment, maybe you just invented a new way of spelling 'ass'? Who knows?

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    thanks a lot lot Tom Clarke & onsoftware.en.softonic.com too.u done a great help.

  • Windows 7 on my netbook |
    Windows 7 on my netbook

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  • Collie |

    Just installed it in my 1000H. Works as well as a custom made UE. About the LAN, i installed it with the patchcord plugged in, so it just recognised the card and installed it. Then it downloaded and installed all the drivers. The only things i had to install manually were the ACPI and the wifi. Audio, LAN, bluetooth, video, etc, she installed on her own.

    How i made the keys work? Just install the utility posted above. Don't uninstall anything like the readme say, just double click the MSI file, click on OK as many times as required, and then reboot. After that, press FN + 2 to turn on wifi. It will try to install, leave it install. if it doesn't, then use the installer.

    Any questions, feel free to email me! dust.dog@live.com


  • Nico |

    In the beginning I could not get Wifi into business. ultimately proved the only reason the mac address. My router works well if I mac filtering off. best regards. Nico

  • Joker |

    I've heard there are problems with the soundquality when using Skype, anyone having these problems?, since it's an app i use extensively I can't afford making the switch unless its working.


  • enzo |

    hi for all in the forum, I recently install on my eepc-1000h the version 7600 rtm of windows 7, the system work as swiss watch but i cant get the resolution of 1024x768, I install the las version of acpi from the Asus page, and the last version of video drivers fron Intel page and I cant get the flag keys of capslock and numlock, all the other things work fine the webcam, the bluetooth and the wifi too.

    If somebody have an idea please post. thanks in advance.

  • dnewguy |

    does anyone know how I can use my 32GD SSD as my primary drive and my 8GB as a secondary drive for my eee pc 1000h? I want to be able to run windows 7 on my 32GB without any partition on it and then run mac os x on my 8GB. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not too technical so any replies in plain English would be much more helpful thanks!

  • Zoltán |

    Hi everyone! Has anyone experienced any performance issues as compared with win xp (ie. is win7 eating battery power more than xp - I've read a couple of posts around the web that complain of drastic rise in battery consumption, like xp = 6hrs; win7 = 4.5-5hrs...)?

  • sanjiv204 |

    thanks for this tutorial and most importantly for the utility file which had all the drivers. i was very reluctant to indulge in this upgrade but now I am glad that i did.

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    Windows 7 Enterprise On A Netbook | Bui4Ever | Bui4Ever.com

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  • aldie |

    Brethren... do you know how to restore the Hotkeys to work... I was looking for it, now... thanks before.

  • petek |

    Anyone still having web cam issues go into the BIOS and change to "enable" - can't remember under which tab. Works fine

  • zack |

    DOSEN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cba 2 type it |
    cba 2 type it

    I soooooooooooooo agree with zack!!

  • Penolope Q |
    Penolope Q

    me 2 :D:D:D::D:D:D:D::D:D:D;D;D



  • Craig Duarte |
    Craig Duarte

    I am trying a fresh install of Win7 Pro, I was getting the frequent ACPI message, so I downloaded the suggested driver. When attempting to install I get a message that the install was interrupted, and then it rolls back the installation, this is soooo frustrating! I have tried different versions of the ACPI driver and they ALL do this. Any ideas as to what may be interrupting the install, anybody?

  • Sander |

    I read that you can solve the 768x1024 resolution problem by installng the XP- vga-driver, that indeed works, however, the "Aero" won't function. Does anybody know of the existance of a new driver that also makes "Aero" work?



  • JhonMarcetucci |

    try this one, http://gecko.me/?acpifix acpi driver works great on my eepc 1000h=)

  • greencoconut |

    thank's for help my Notebook.

  • Flo |

    Merci beaucoup pour les liens, plus particulierement pour celui de l'acpi, c'etait juste ce qu'il me fallait et que je n'arrivais pas a trouver. Encore merci et bonne continuation !!!! One French

  • kwazi |

    how do i activate this win 7 ?

  • nesilika |

    Thank you sooo much for ACPI :))

  • Emo |

    Just installed Win7x86SP1 on Old Celeron_CPU EeePC. Forget the external DVD frives, use Flash USB drive and this handy tool from MicroSoft: ISOtoUSB/DVD http://images2.store.microsoft.com/prod/clustera/framework/w7udt/1.0/en-us/Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe

    Works like charm.

  • Jan |

    Hi Tom, do you also have a guide to install MacOS X on the eee PC 1000H ?? TNX in advance

  • hemaprabhan |

    my system overly problem windows 7 software use time automatically shutdown

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