Viber is one of the most popular ways to call friends for free from a smartphone. The app allows you to chat for nothing to any of your friends who have installed Viber on their Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone or Symbian device.

Unlike Skype, there is no PC version of Viber (not yet, anyway), so - theoretically - you can only use the service if you have a smartphone. But in actual fact, with a simple hack you can run Viber on a PC or Mac to make free calls to anyone who is using Viber.

It's all done using the free BlueStacks software, which allows you to run Android apps on a PC. You can run Viber through BlueStacks, coupling it with a contacts app to make free calls from your computer to your friends and family. Be sure to check which of your buddies have Viber on their phones already - and if they haven't got it yet, urge them to install it.

What you'll need to run Viber on your computer:

  • A Windows or Mac computer
  • BlueStacks App Player. Available to download for free for Windows or Mac
  • A cellphone (any type will do, as long as you can receive SMS)
  • Headphones with built-in mic OR standard headphones and an external mic

How to make a call with Viber on your PC

1. Start by downloading and installing BlueStacks App Player on your PC or Mac. Once the software is up and running you need to head for the ‘App Search’ option and perform a search for "Viber". Once you’ve found it, click on the ‘Install’ button to download and install Viber in BlueStacks.

2. Run Viber by clicking on its icon in the main BlueStacks interface. You’ll be shown a welcome screen. Just click ‘Continue’ here.

3. At the next screen, you’ll be prompted to enter your phone number. Tap in your regular cellphone number here and hit ‘Continue’.

4. You’ll now be sent an access code to your phone via SMS, which you should enter in the box provided. At least, that’s the theory. We never received a message with the code, and if this happens to you, ‘click here’ link in the message that appears under the code entry. You will receive an automated phone call to your cell and a voice will out the code you need. When you have the access code, enter it and click ‘Continue’.

5. Viber should now be activated and you’ll see the following screen. You’ll notice that no contacts will appear in the list. Since BlueStacks doesn’t have a native contacts application, we need to rectify this by installing a contacts app. Quit out of Viber for now by clicking the BlueStacks icon at the bottom of the interface. This will take you back to the home screen of BlueStacks.

6. From the home screen, click on the ‘App Search’ option and perform a search for an app called ‘GO Contacts EX’. Once you’ve found it click on ‘Install’ to download and install it.

7. Once installed, open the GO Contacts EX app by clicking its icon on the home screen. You’ll be presented with the following screen of blank contacts. Let’s start adding some contacts for people you know who are using Viber. Click on the ‘+’ icon to start.

8. Add a contact by entering their name and mobile number in the boxes provided. These are the only two fields you need to worry about to use Viber on your PC, so you can leave the other contact information blank.

9. Keep adding contacts using this same method, until you have built up a list of anyone you might want to talk to on Viber. All the contacts will be displayed in the main GO Contacts EX menu.

10. Go back to Viber by quitting out of GO Contacts EX (press the BlueStacks icon at the bottom to do this), and clicking the Viber icon from the home screen. Any contacts you’ve added who are registered with Viber will now appear in the app’s Contacts tab. To make a call to a contact just click on their name.

11. The contact’s information will now be displayed. There are options to make a free call or send a free message. To place a call to this person, just click on the ‘Free Call’ button. Make sure you are wearing headphones with a built-in microphone (the ones that came with your phone, for example) or you could use a stand-alone mic and standard headphones.

12. Your call will be made and you should hear the dial tone. When the person picks up just start talking! You can now chat for as long as you like for free from your computer. Pretty good, eh?

While using BlueStacks is possible, Viber released Viber for Windows and now officially supports making calls through desktop.


  • Viber |


    This is a member of the Viber R&D Team! We're very happy to see the interest in our app. :) We're hoping to release the official version of Viber for PC very soon. Please stay tuned :)

    Please feel free to let us know your thoughts, questions and comments, we'd be happy to assist. Thanks, Viber

  • Viber |


    This is a member of the Viber R&D Team! We're very happy to see the interest in our app. :) We're hoping to release the official version of Viber for PC very soon. Please stay tuned :)

    Please feel free to let us know your thoughts, questions and comments, we'd be happy to assist. Thanks, Viber

  • nadia abdulqadir |
    nadia abdulqadir

    hi i want viber

  • Viber |

    Hi nadia,

    If your phone is compatible with Viber, you should be able to easily download and install it from your application store.

  • benipal007 |

    Is it Relay Work PZ tell me Friends

  • issa |

    The app search in mac version is not working so can anyone please upload the viber.app application ?

  • sudarshan |

    same here the app search under bluestacks doesnt work in MAC...plz upload the application

  • S .. Q |
    S .. Q

    Hi i have an iphone 4 how can use it?? Please help me.... Thx!!

  • S .. Q |
    S .. Q

    Sorry how can i use viber on the iphone 4!!??

  • Tonno |

    I've just installed BlueStacks but no one can hear me when I place calls through Viber, any ideas? I can hear them but they cannot hear me. I have already tried using the built-in mic as well as headphones with mic included, nothing. Help!

  • Viber |

    Hi everyone, We apologize for our late response.

    - Viber does not support Mac computers yet. It is something we are considering to introduce in the future, and once we have news we'll let you know.

    - @S .. Q - simply download Viber from AppStore and install it :)

    - @Tonno - Unfortunately Viber does not officially support BlueStacks, and this may be the reason for the problem.

  • fatima |

    I have an Acer tablet and I need viber can that be done

  • Kailash Kher |
    Kailash Kher

    The current state of Viber is this:

    They are promising there will be a PC version soon. Well, they promised that in August and it is almost half past December. Probably we need to wait for 8-10 months, similar to what they did for blackberry

    They have no idea how to do it on mac. Simply wait for 4 years to get it.

    But wait, I have a windows laptop at work and Mac at home. I use Viber on both by the online tutorials at the sites such as http://www.appforpcs.com and others such as http://www.viberforpc.com

    I don't understand if unofficial blogs can get it then why can't viber? We are not expecting a great software, we are used to shitty ones such as you did for blackberry or lumia. Launch something already Viber.

  • Phil |

    What about Viber calls for Blackberry we are still waiting....

  • zubyirdeen |

    HI i want a viber calls free download if i get it thanks you the wworld

  • william |

    Hi ! I also want a viber call free download.tnx!

  • Anonymous |

    Does viber on the computer have the same layout as my ipod? Also the reason I am looking to download this software on my computer is because it doesn't work on my ipod. It says the wi fi is connected and it only works at office works free wi fi. Please help!!! Also, if I put a mobile number to set up viber on my ipod if I use the same number does it download the messages from my ipod automatically?

  • peter.e.gundlach |

    here is another guide. I hope they do release a PC and MAC version soon



  • Farzad |

    Hi thanks but how can i use Bluestacks on my laptop?with what program shall i run it?please help me.

  • aungthu linn |
    aungthu linn

    good viber

  • mamun mamun miah |
    mamun mamun miah

    hi i want a viber software..how can i get a viber softeare?

  • abidali |

    viber is nice app

  • mile |

    Go Contacts EX is not available now, what will you recommend?

  • ali hitef |
    ali hitef


  • moses |

    hi i do have a nokia e71 phone and i cant use viber please send me a link to download a version of viber that can be usable on nokia e71

  • khinzawoo |

    your website this is goods ever nice i like is it,

  • javed |

    plz my send viber software

  • javed |

    Hi thanks but how can i use Bluestacks on my laptop?with what program shall i run it?please help me

  • afsar |

    i want install fiber in apple mac is possible... bcoz i tried many times but its not working .... help me .. thank u . your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

  • harun rashid |
    harun rashid

    i want to install viber in my laptop acceri tried but it is not working

  • tuntunwin |

    app search in bluestacks is not working well, it comes some chinese words and program when i searched, how can i do to be search in search box

  • ismail |

    i want know how delete viber photo on the i phone

  • Karina |

    If I download Viber for my Windows 7 laptop will it really work or not?

  • Geo |

    Hey there can anyone tell me if i am overseas how can i activate since i have no phone signal?

  • Oscar |

    hello I successfully installed viber on my PC using this tutorial but when my friend tried to call me using his cellphone with viber I could answer the call. The answer call button is on but no matter how I click it, it doesn't function.

  • CLL |

    Have same problem as Oscar. Answer button flickers, but no connection. Anybody have solution?

  • Erin |

    ahhhhh I am in Thailand and had my phone stolen, locked out of my email accounts cuz I am out of country and the only way to reset is with my phone... that I no longer have. So my only options to get a hold of my group that is one day behind me is through this app they have on their phones. The hotel I am at has two computers with free internet. They are macs. Viber is not compatible with Macs or Itouch (I also have an itouch) please make it compatible with mac and an itouch. It doesn't work on my itouch cuz there is no phone number to get an access code. You guys could have been my saving grace!

    Idea for you!

  • syed mujahed |
    syed mujahed

    hi everyone viber is available for the pc or not will viber is working for the pc too or not

  • Buddhika |

    Base on above procedure,can viber install on PC with os in Vista?

  • M.Kebbede |

    You won't be able to complete your viber calls via bluestacks from your PC. You can hear your party talk but they can't hear you. I have tried it every which way, but nothing doing. Let me know when you come across a wayout of this situation. until then I see no use of bluestacks for me.

  • Imran Baig |
    Imran Baig

    yes its working on my laptop running windows 7. I can send messages, calling....wowwww ...... love you

  • Ovais |

    PLease release the pc version soon..

  • moon |

    i have installed viber in bluestacks applications in my laptop but answer key is not working.. plz help

  • andre |


    I have installed viber on my laptop and its working fine. I have only one question is it possible to view messages from previous days?? I have created a group and I would like to see messages from yesterday for example.

    Thanks a lot

  • nntu |

    Hi, I am using samsung omnia i900 and there are many sites allowing me to download Viber though they do not work at all. :( Please help me.

  • subzeroo |

    hi , i download and instell viber on my blackberry but i cany only send messages and there is no ability to make free call ??? why ??

  • waseem afghan |
    waseem afghan

    Hi.iam download the viber is not download please help me

  • zaw win oo |
    zaw win oo

    i want viber in my laptop. can u send for laptop in viber?

  • T |

    i instal viber for pc but now i want to know whos interent can use ...from mobile or from my oc internet ... thanks

  • Mimi |

    Are you sure you don't need to pay the plan for the phone? So, all the calls that u make, I don't have to pay for them?!

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