After officially announcing iOS 6 last week Apple finally releases the new iPhone OS to the public today. But the rush to install the new operating system might mean you'll be waiting a long time to get it.

Here are direct links to the iOS 6 update for your convenience for the United States.

Most people will use the over-the-air (OTA option of downloading the ipsw (install file) and installing through their iOS device. The problem with that option is that the servers that Apple uses are going to be swamped with requests from all iOS users across all iOS devices. It may be better to wait a day before attempting to install the update this way.

You can also use iTunes to automatically update, but make sure you back up your device before applying the update because it wipes your device and then imports your most recent backup. iTunes will probably use the same servers as the OTA update which can also cause the update to not be downloaded because of massive traffic.

The third option is to download the iOS 6 ipa separately and manually install the firmware through iTunes. Downloading the ipa ensures that you have the full file and won't experience server errors when downloading the file OTA or through iTunes.

Most users will use the OTA option to update their devices so Apple's servers are going to get pummeled with requests. The better option is to head to the iOS support page for your device. The update should be available from 10am Pacific Time today. Click here to find out the iOS 6 release time in your part of the world

Download the ipa from Apple

Download the iOS 6 ipa to your computer. Then open iTunes. Be sure to backup your iOS device and transfer any purchases you have made. When you install iOS 6, it's going to wipe your device and reinstall a backup so if you haven't updated your library, you could lose a lot of apps and data.

Inside iTunes

After you completed the backup, find the "Version" section of the iOS summary page.

In Windows: hold the [Shift] key and click "Check for Update" In OS X: hold the [Option] key and click "Check for Update"

This will launch the file explorer. Locate where you saved the iOS 6 ipa and select it. This will start the update process. Now it's time to sit back and just wait for the update to complete.

After the update is completed, you will be running iOS 6 on your device. You can complete the same steps on any iOS device you own, but not all features may work depending on the device.

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  • AP |


    The link for the "New iPad (Verizon)" is incorrect. It looks to be the same as "iPad 2 (Verizon)".

  • Christopher Park |
    Christopher Park

    Thanks for noticing, the link has been changed to the correct ipsw.

  • leticia sakagami |
    leticia sakagami

    ios6 upgrade

  • John |

    None of these are relevant to Ipad's sold in South Africa. Could you share the link to the ipsw for the iPad3 Model A1430 sold here please?

  • jef |

    i've got problem when i upgrade it to ios 6 ,it start with searching for signal and after that it appear a no service? how can i fix my iphone thanks.... i need someone who can help/...

  • iyappan |

    how to upgrade ios 4.3 to iphone 3G. but my mobile is not starting. plz help me to fix my problem.........................

  • Iyappan |

    my iphone 3g is not starting up. it shows apple symbol again and again. plz help me to fix this problem...

  • adli |

    good job

  • daffa |

    guys i got an error message, it says ipod cant be restored (1604) im at ipod touch 4thgen and before i updated to 6.1 vers im at 6.01 vers with therthed jb snowbreeze

  • ComonitsMe |

    This update is cr*p as hell i have try ota update = fail with an error message Try with ithune and ita faiL again Im not noob i use all days linux unix systemes but sincerly and forwhat pple paid for there device f*ck"""apple can do beter then fail fail fail

    I got a ew errori think error -42110 lol u have to run ithunes as admin Long life hacker "not the criminal ones" I mean jailbreakers :D

  • masumzar |

    help me. i tried installing the latest ios upgrade for my old iphone4. the installation was complete after 5(FIVE) hours but my iphone never updated to the installed ios upgrade. ????

  • TTY |

    Cant download iOS 4.3 or any iOS what is the problem?

  • zham |

    i'll update may iphone in ios 6.1.3 but i got a problem my iphone could not recieve any wifi signal pls can you help me?

  • bunty |

    is it gonna work for jailbroken devices

  • Johnny |

    Its now working

  • Arslan |

    Thanks it worked .and help me alot!

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