Clash of Clans is finally available on Android, and it's great news if you're a fan of the game. If you've recently moved to an Android device, however, you may be worried about syncing your progress from iOS to Android! Lucky for you, you don't have to worry too much: below is our tutorial that'll help you easily transfer your saved Clash of Clans game from your iPhone or iPad to your Android phone or tablet.

1. Go to the tutorial

In order to sync accounts, you need to go through the tutorial. Open the Clash of Clans app on your Android device and go to the tutorial. The village should look something like this:

Start the account synchronization process from iOS to Android by opening Settings, in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

2. Connect with Google+

To load a Clash of Clans game on your Android device that's saved on your iPhone or iPad, you must link your account to Google+. Click on the 'Disconnected' button beside Google+ Sign-In and, if necessary, sign in.

3. Select Privacy Settings

Once opened, scroll down the page and select the privacy options. You can choose to keep your game activity private or make it publicly visible to those in your Google+ circles.

4. Configure your Android device

The next step is connecting devices. Once you're back in Settings, click on Devices and then click 'Link a device'.

On the next screen, select 'This is the NEW DEVICE'.

At this point, you'll be asked to enter a code. You'll need to get this code from your iOS device, so leave this screen open on your Android phone or tablet.

5. Configure your iOS device

Open Clash of Clans on your iPhone or iPad. Again, go to the settings menu by accessing the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Select Devices and then 'Link a device'.

Once again, click on 'This is the NEW DEVICE'.

On the next screen, click 'I want to link to another device'.

6. Generate the connection code

Clash of Clans on your iOS device will generate a unique code that you'll need to input in the window you've left open on your Android device.

7. Enter the code on your Android device

Once you enter the code on Android, you only have five minutes before the code becomes invalid. Note: as the disclaimer warns, the link will be permanent.

8. Ready!

Once you've entered the code correctly, your iOS game will sync with your Android device. Click 'Okay', and your saved Clash of Clans game will be ready to play on Android!

The game will automatically sync between both devices so that you can play on either device, just not at the same time!

Clash of Clans has had great success on iOS. We'll see if the Android version is as successful, but in the meantime, you can enjoy your hard work and progress on either your iOS and Android device!

Download Clash of Clans for iPhone and Android.


Original article by Radek Grabarek published on Softonic PL.


  • angga.gaang.1 |

    What if I want to transfer my village on android onto my iphone?


  • chipfarley |

    Thank you sir. Seemless transfer from Galaxy S4 to iPhone 6

  • franzlaurence.mateos |

    Yah me too , how about from my android phone to ipad ? Please answer asap ty

  • ainurkasan.fazeilazaki |

    if let said my iphone spoil how to reterive it back?

  • EduardR |

    Hello there guys,

    I just came across this little hack: https://www.facebook.com/clashofclanshackgemfree2014

    Give it a try!

  • jmen.austria |

    Yah me too , how about from my android phone to ipad ? Please answer asap ty


  • gtrexler |

    is there anyway to sync the accounts when I can get on the ios device to get a sync code?

  • patrick.co.313 |

    how about iphone 4 to iphone 5s?

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    My Acer tablet has no icon for settings how do I recover it

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    why I can't connect in clash of clans... I see this sentence (( network error... )) what have to do?? please help me...

  • kimmizaelfabillarcanillas |

    i've started my account from an android and linked it to my iphone6, and i want to transfer or link it again to an android, is that possible? and how?

  • kulot98142514 |

    i used hotmail on my iPad. cant sign in @andriod ;(

  • tyleranderson |

    Does this work if my iPod clash of clans isn't connected to game center

  • jordanmurphy |

    I connected my ipod earlier but then deleted to the game history to try and switch between villages but now it wont connect to my main village :( My ipod says that it is currently connected to another device though and it wont let me connect to another

  • jordanmurphy |

    Rather it says that it can only be connected once

  • tahseenkhan |

    error 109!!! what can I do now????plz reply me fast... Samsung galaxy star advance to iphone 5s

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  • isaacstlau |

    Right, so i wanna say is that never ever trust people who say they found free gem generators. After you have written down all the resources you want it to be generated into your village, it will require you to do a human verification, which includes letting the sponsored website obtain your personal info, such as telephone number, email etc. So if you really wanna have gems or be good at COC, log in everyday and play step by step.

    Have a nice day.

  • samantameharin |

    my ios device isnt working... totally switched off... i want to play coc in my PC through bluestack .... how do i play now?? i cant use this link device option since my ios isnt working.. is there any other way i can get my old base back??

  • Pratheesh Lyfrox |
    Pratheesh Lyfrox

    sir, first i was using coc in android then i shifted ma game to i OS by using "link a devise" option...now i want to shift ma coc account to android again..i tried by "link a devise" methord it dose'nt work.."u already linked a devise" this is coming..what can i do now to shift my game to android again..

  • Pratheesh Lyfrox |
    Pratheesh Lyfrox

    i transfered my game from android to iOS once..and now i want to go back to android..when i try to link a devise it displayed like "you are already linked a devise" ..and i tried to login with my google plus accound it doesnot work..i need a way to transfer my game..need a reply..ty

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    thanks alot salute

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    thanks a lot

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