aviary iconBest known for their Web app graphics suite, Aviary released a Windows 8 version of their popular photo editor. Aviary Photo Editor is a very light weight editor that skips many of the complex features found in other image software. This becomes more obvious by the fact that Aviary Photo Editor lacks features found in editors such as Photoshop or GIMP. Still, Aviary Photo Editor is great for simple and fast editing jobs.

We’ll show you how to get the best out of Aviary Photo Editor.

aviary layout

All of Aviary Photo Editor's tools are laid out at the bottom of the app. This allows for intuitive easy access.

Most Common Tools

Aviary rotate

Orientation and Crop tools are Aviary Photo Editor’s best features. Orientation is very straight forward, allowing you to flip or rotate a picture.

Aviary rotate

Crop is only means of changing an image’s dimensions. You can drag out a rectangle of your own or select from twelve different presets.

aviary slider

Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness are other good tools for touching up and adjusting your photo. The simple to use sliders will show you how your image will appear. Unfortunately, you have to use each of these tools one at a time.

Brightness slider

Increasing Brightness will lighten highlights and shadows equally. Decreasing Brightness will darken the entire image.

Contrast slider

Contrast will separate highlights and shadows. Increased Contrast will lighten highlights and darken shadows. Decreased Contrast will instead darken highlights and lighten shadows.

Saturation Slider

Similar to Contrast, Saturation will separate colors. Increased Saturation will cause colors to pop out from each other. Decreased Saturation will make them to mesh, causing them to become gray at the lowest setting. Saturation will not affect black and white images that have no colors.

Sharpness Slider

Sharpness will separate edges. Increased Sharpness will cause edges to be more pronounced. Decreased Sharpness will blur edges together.

Touch Up Tools

aviary whiten

Red eye, Whiten, and Blemish are excellent tools for finishing touches. Just be sure to use each tool in the applicable location such as eyes, teeth, or around contours.

aviary blur

Because the tool has a large diameter you’ll need good precision. Otherwise you might smear or brighten more than you want.

aviary effects

The Enhance and Effect tools offer quick filters that will change the hue and lighting of the whole image. You can combine multiple filters together for various results.

aviary many effects

If you want a realistic image it’s recommended that you don’t use these tools too much, as your image may start to appear eerie. However, using several filters is great if you want to make something surreal or artistic.

Extra Tools

aviary stickers

Stickers can be used to add in such as glasses, pipes, and word bubbles. These are very cartoony, and unlikely to match most images. Unless you want to make a humorous image try to avoid Stickers.

aviary text tool

The Text and Drawing tools are also rather gaudy looking. Neither of these tools have feathering or a diverse color palate. Generally using these tools will make your image look strange and comedic.

Aviary Photo Editor has some handy and intuitive tools, while others have impractical results. Crop, Orientation, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness are the best means of properly touching up a photo. Red eye, Whiten, Blemish, Effect, Enhance can be used sparingly and carefully; overuse will generally create tacky images. Stickers, Text, and Drawing are likely bad choices unless you want to make your picture funny. Whether you want a professional looking picture or something more lighthearted, Aviary Photo Editor is a great way to quickly improve images.


  • Kurt Peterson |
    Kurt Peterson

    It sounds like this is a really good App. But it ain't worth a cr*p if you can't save the edited photo. I figured out all that was said above by playing with the app. What I really need to know is how do you save the edited photo. Can someone answer that?

  • KSeid |

    Hi Kurt,

    All pictures edited with Aviary are saved automatically. It depends on your computer's settings, but you will likely find your edited photos in the Libraries\Pictures folder.

  • Marci S. |
    Marci S.

    I want to know how you can access the photo to print...there is nowhere I can find to save the picture somewhere other than Aviary that will allow me the print option....totally worthless if I can't print the pictures I edit there.

  • Beth |

    How do you print the pictures? I have tried but with no luck.

  • PO'D |

    So, I can have the photos printed at Walgreens. There is not a walgreens within 25 miles of me. What a crock. And I can't seem to save the photos to another file. I guess I should not complain since it is free.

  • Mae pfeiffeer |
    Mae pfeiffeer

    I want to print my own pictures. I never go to a Walgreens because it's too far from my house.

  • alison B |
    alison B

    This is really not a good editing system - it is awkward in ways I can hardly explain! Right now, it won't upload and the message I get (and have been getting all day) is 'Something went wrong, try again'. This is a little vague - and there is no way to correct the problem that I can see. I cannot and do not recommend Aviary. In fact, I strongly suggest using anything else.

  • Amy |

    I want to send my photos to Walgreens - How do you do that? When I attempt to upload to Walgreens website I cannot access any photos that I have edited.

  • ingelise.hansen.980 |

    If you want to print, just pres ctrl + prt sc.

    And place it in any other editor an then crop your image.


  • |

    Edited photos are saved at original resolution in an Aviary sub-folder that is created in your Windows 8 Pictures Folder.

  • timbeauchamp |

    Cute app. Ridiculous when it comes to finding the photos you just edited! Why has windows not provided alternate ways to find photos / search in the new "tiled" operating system. CONFUSING!

  • DebD |

    Hate the windows 8 app however the one on facebook is fabulous.But been having issues with it for 2 days now.

  • patti.airel |

    Mine works just fne on windows 8.1 I found the saved in a folder Aviary made in my pictures and printed from there. Easy as ever.

  • jennifer.cote.777 |

    I am not able to open my own photo on this app. Always said that is it deleted even if not. Big problem, not able to solve it

  • jason.pullman.58 |

    Can the windows 8 version open up pics from my google drive?

  • norahholtby |

    There is no way to know where the photo goes when you save it. I've lost to many photos this way. I am no longer using using this application. I don't understand what happened to the old fashioned "Save" or "Save as" as function. It would even be helpful it it showed you where it was saving things to.

  • myraspires |

    i try to use the whiten for teeth and it does nothing to change. also when i use the blemish eraser it doesnt allow me to do just one spot with out doing it in a line. can anyone help? it doesnt do this on my smartphone. just on my computer and i have windows 8.1

  • jaynarvaez |

    This app absolutely sucks!!! What is with these app developers who want control of things that ARE NOT theres?? The pictures belong to me and it should be up to me where and how I save them. To me these app developers create these programs to steal other people's pictures. We need to create a blacklist web site so that we can start adding these kind of apps/programs.

    Jay Lancaster, CA

  • chirabrecht |

    It is under \pictures\aviary but i will admit it sucks to have to search for them first..

  • melindawheeler |

    How do I get this app to open my pictures with Windows *? I've tried putting them in pictures or on the desktop and it will not open them. Help!

  • denisehartsellkmetz |

    How can I resize my picture so that it doesn't take so long to send in an email?

  • |

    I love this app but my pictures are not saving. It so frustrating after doing all the work then realize it can't even be saved. It's not even there anymore, like I had to start over and still it doesn't save, there should be a folder in the app that has all your stuff at least. where does it even go after clicking done?? yeah there's a aviary folder in my laptop but it just has you guys' pics and the unedited version of mine. Seriously this app needs an update!!

  • NormalPerson |

    It's just soooo intuitive to not have a "save" or "save as" function and magically create new versions of photos in some arbitrary directory (that you can't set or locate without searching on the internet). Great job!

  • julieshoemaker |

    It would be nice to know where and how to get to your photos once edited!! Can't "save as" like so many are saying, the app opens on the entire screen, no way to drag or drop,. I'm looking for a new app. Shouldn't be so difficult.

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