Hiding your IP address while you're browsing the internet is a good move for anyone wanting an additional level of privacy online.

UltraSurf is a simple tool that's perfect for doing this when you're using Internet Explorer. It will help ensure security while you're shopping or banking by encrypting your personal information - your IP address gives information about you to third parties. UltraSurf is a great portable tool for people who don't want third parties to be able to view this information, as well as those who want to access websites that are blocked in their locale.

If you prefer Firefox to Internet Explorer, though, there's an add-on just for you. It's called UltraSurf Firefox Tool.

All you have to do to use UltraSurf on Firefox is download both UltraSurf and the add-on for Firefox. If you're currently running Firefox, you may need to restart befure UltraSurf will work.

Besides being able to hide your IP from third parties, UltraSurf can also automatically delete cookies and browser history every time you close it, an extra level of security that users are sure to appreciate.


  • William |

    Ultra Surf doesn't work with Firefox 9.0.1. Do you have any idea when it will be available for this FF version. The company does not answer if contacted by e-mail.

  • promytius |

    This is starting to happen more often as FF updates, add-ons are left behind.

  • Jonathan.Riggall |

    Sometimes it takes a few weeks for add-ons to be updated; it's a pain but unavoidable!

  • anh |

    hi, just updated to ff10 and it is compatible with ultrasurf tool 2.0

  • jejen |

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  • Akki |

    ultrasoft is neither loadin on IE nor on firefox... tried everthn....

  • 100007322259617 |

    It doesn't work with firefox, i already uptaded ultrasurf and downloaded the firefox-add but still NOTHING. What should I do? Thanks.

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