It’s a fact: the more you use your computer, the more unnecessary apps and processes are listed in the system’s boot-up sequence – and the longer it takes to boot up. And there are few things more irritating than having to wait 5 minutes to be able to use your computer.

The good news is that there are programs that can help you clean the mess, get rid of useless programs and leave only those which really need to be run on the system’s start. Soluto is one of them: an excellent start-up analyzer that calculates the time it takes your computer to boot up and helps you improve very easily.

Soluto is really simple. All you need to do is install it on your computer and then reboot it. Soluto calculates the time it takes the system to completely start up, and then shows you a nice graph with the results. Programs are divided into those that can’t be removed (usually because they’re system core components), programs that can be easily get rid of and those which could be potentially removed – but which you’ll probably need to check before.

Improve your computer’s boot-up time

Soluto can also help you decide if you should remove a program or not. It displays detailed information about each process – when available –, together with technical data such as how much memory it uses or how much time it adds to the total boot sequence. If the information is not available, you can add it yourself like in an online wiki, and thus contribute to Soluto’s user community.

Improve your computer’s boot-up time

Despite being still at a beta stage, Soluto already looks really promising. With a clear interface, nice animation effects and lots of interesting data, it makes system optimization much easier for everyone.


  • K King |
    K King

    I was so disappointed in this post. As I read it I became more and more impressed with Soluto and quickly decided to install it on my computer. But I am a Mac user. It would have been so easy to mention early in the post that this application was Windows only, with no Mac version. Please consider that there are readers whose time you are wasting when you don't mention this early in the post.

  • Tomas |

    Hey K King!

    You have the "Windows" tag (among other tags) right under the post's title and publish date, so that you can decide if the topic is interesting for you before reading it :)

    Cheers, Elena

  • Bob |

    Disappointing product, great idea, but wouldn't work, spent hours trying to get it to perform as promised, then spent an hour trying to get it off my machine. what a huge time waster

  • Ralph McCrum |
    Ralph McCrum

    Program will not function unless it has a continuous access to the internet. WHY? It has all the earmarks of spy-ware. Who needs another program that is internet dependent and reports to others before it reports to you ? At least the uninstall worked.

  • Harald |

    I can't install it; at best install completes 98%.

    I have an Aspire 5600 with Vista home. Please advise.

  • Richard |

    Great program!!!

    Would really to get some documention. It is frustracting not knowing what is happening and the purpose.

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