Critics of Apple fanatics have said that there's nothing special about Apple, and it's unfair for Microsoft to be labeled an uncool big corporation, when Apple is just a big corporation too.

Nevertheless, Apple products do have that special something that makes them likable. In the case of OSX, that special something is just being smooth and fast and working properly.  The iPhone effect on the mobile industry has been incredible. It's incredible any company could jump into a developed market and revolutionise it just like that, and it's incredible no established mobile manufacturer had made something that worked that well before.

There is something cool about Apple, and as a corporation they seem to get a lot more right than many. It's a surprise, then, that the iPhone App Store seems to be getting stuck in controversies.

First was the Babyshaker app, that was bizarrely approved even though it was obviously offensive. Then Apple failed to approve applications for really odd reasons. The Nine Inch Nails app, that would allow users to link to an album with potentially offensive lyrics was banned, despite that material being easily available through iTunes (it was later accepted).

Now we have Eucalyptus, a reader that uses an online library of out of copyright literature. It was rejected on the grounds that you could read Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana - an English translation from the 1800s! The developer wisely pointed out this library is freely available on the internet, and you'll only find that book if you expressly search for it, as you would using Apple's own Safari. Apple have now accepted the application - but they must have people in their approval system with very strict ideas about objectionable material.

It all seems very un-Apple, and tarnishes their image as "the cool corporation". Arbitrary bureaucratic absurdity is the thing of governments and faceless corporations - why are Apple doing it? Perhaps these strange decisions are just wrinkles in the system that will be ironed out. There are so many apps being submitted, maybe its not so bad to make the odd mistake.


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  • 3uphoria |

    Anybody can make of this world a perfect world forever ;)

    Now, (NOTE: now it's NOW, this year or only a few more) the best we have its MACOS. Beauty, useful, easy... and the most important, it works (yet). But it is closed (sorry GNU/LINUX guys we live on a capitalist world) and tied to commercial restrictions like the above referenced (remember capitalism isn't for GNU/LINUX guys).

    GNU/LINUX rocks... I know... but it rocks after 5 hundred years spent tuning your system. But me and a million of users more haven't all this time, knowledge and hope ;) In the future GNU/LINUX will probably rock out of the box... UBUNTU is a good approximation!

    And, today, WINDOWS is a big fucking shit wherever you look it... in the past it was the useful and the beauty. Now it have fallen of his old throne. MACOS have taken the lead... but it won't have the lead forever!

    PLEASE!!!!!! you all have to learn to change your operative system like you change your hardware... Sometimes an NVIDIA graphic its better than an ATI, sometimes NOT... and its probably that ATI and NVIDIA wont live forever... other minds are thinking on better solutions (I hope) :P Operative Systems live the same reality... every day you must ask yourselves if your OS is up-to-date ;)

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  • Shadow |

    Shit happens, then you die!

    Between the two lesser evils (Microsoft/Apple) I chose Microsoft, no real reasons really it does what it does.

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