Rockstar Games is traditionally very careful when revealing information. The flow of information regarding Grand Theft Auto V has slowly increased since the start of 2013, showing more and more information about its gameplay.

The release of the Grand Theft Auto Online trailer raises an interesting question: is Rockstar going to use consoles to test Grand Theft Auto Online before announcing a PC release?

It's strange that Rockstar is announcing that the multiplayer component won't be available at launch.

CVG's interview with Leslie Benzies of Rockstar North contained the statement, "It'll be GTA Online; it's not part of GTA 5. Obviously it's set in the GTA 5 engine, but it's going to grow and evolve into its own thing."

So while GTA Online will be using the assets from GTA V, it's not directly involved with the single player story and takes place before the plot of the game.

GTA V looks better than Grand Theft Auto IV by a huge margin. This means new assets for all parts of the game and improvements to the game engine. These all take up more disc space.

Just look at the console installation process; GTA V ships on one Blu-ray disc for PlayStation 3 and two DVDs for Xbox 360. Both consoles require an 8 GB install before playing the game. The install will likely contain core assets and the rest of the game will be streamed. 8 GB is an impressive size for an install on console with a game that still needs the disc to run.

Compare that to the release of Grand Theft Auto IV on PC, which was released eight months after the console release and required a 16 GB install. With updated graphics and a bigger world, Grand Theft Auto V shows will be a much bigger game.

Grand Theft Auto V is built on Rockstar's proprietary RAGE engine, which it has used since Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis and Grand Theft Auto IV. RAGE is also the same engine used on Max Payne 3. The engine is being used in the company's recent games and Rockstar have probably modified it for GTA V.

Consider the jump from GTA IV in 2008 to May Payne 3 and their respective install sizes. 16 GB for GTA IV and 32 GB for Max Payne 3. This means that GTA V will probably be a minimum of 32 GB required hard drive space, with the possibility of it being even larger.

Another problem is that PC gaming has moved away from physical distribution to digital downloads. If you look at the size of required console installs and the size of Max Payne 3 for PC, it wouldn't be unexpected for GTA V to require even more space. It's obvious that Rockstar fans on PCs will download the game regardless of the hard drive requirements, but it could turn away more casual players.

But considering the massive amount of mods for Grand Theft Auto IV, the inclusion of mods are likely for the PC release. Since GTA V will support a MMO-style online system, Rockstar may be testing how it can keep hacks from getting implemented in online multilayer.

Even after NVIDIA's retraction of its statement about GTA V for PC, the company made it clear that it would optimize its drivers for GTA V if the game ever arrives on PC.

There are a lot of hints that Grand Theft Auto V will be releasing on PC and it's very likely that Rockstar will support PC players. The RAGE engine is built for multiple platforms and optimization for a minimum spec could currently be underway.

The Grand Theft Auto Online trailer displayed a lot of features, but will Rockstar be able to prove that its multiplayer can offer a great experience on consoles before it attempts to bring it to PC is the big question.


  • thruth |

    But consoles are playing from the disc, PC is playing from the HDD!

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    graphics are really cool

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    not bad?

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    its cool, but why it cant be for pc ?

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    its graphics wow i love it

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    its cool, but why it cant be for ?

  • Lew |

    This article starts off retarded...."Is Grand Theft Auto V too big for pc? WoW i.e. is over 60 GBs.... seriously doubt it will be "too big". Probably should have done some research there Christopher ;-)

  • Picklock |

    You forget that max Payne install was bloated with shitty pre-rendered cutscenes. I highly doubt gta5 for PC will be over 25gigs.

  • iman sheikh |
    iman sheikh

    i like it

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    Hey guys what game is it? gta V or gta online?

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    its so cool i like this and graphics are really

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    it"s amazing..........

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    no gta for pc?(never)

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    i wanna play it in pc

  • DrPreston |

    The idea that anything could be too big for PC but somehow still work on a console is absurd.

  • andrew |

    hang on that's bullshit my pc has more space the ps3 Xbox 360 and ps4 and Xbox one and you can get better graphics on pc so if its too big for pc you wont get it on a console how put that bullshit needs help pc will always be better then consoles

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    and on the video it said it was coming to pc

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    very beutiful game

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    mame 32

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    I Helping You All ?

    Play It With PS3 Emulator And Download The ISO/DVD File

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    doesnt matter what size the file is u will need a top end pc to play this so size really anit gonna matter anyway hurry u rock star i wonna play gta V

  • Lucky4me16 |

    The title of the article is totally misleading... How can a game which runs on Ps3 or X-box 360 can be too big for PC... How ridiculous!!!. even I am quite sure that the Ps4 game if properly ported to PC will run quite good as it runs of Ps4 in PC... PC is not bound by hardware limitations... of course, it may be costlier than any of the Game console available in the market but to doubt it's capability is quite kiddish...

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    why cant it be for pc i love it

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    its the best game iv ever seen

  • xanm |

    I just made an account here for the sole purpose of commenting on how stupid the statement "To big for PC" is. Do you know how much more data the average PC has than a PS3 or an Xbox 360? At least 200 Gigabytes. If a console can handle the game, a PC can handle the game running 50 times at once. Not only does it have more memory, but it also has MUCH more processing power than a console.

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    Also, before you start arguing about something, or talking about how stupid it is, learn how to spell.

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    make it for pc

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    im dont not dowload gta 5

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