Gimp logoGimp for Mac and Gimp for Windows is one of the most popular free open source image editors around and quite rightly - it's remarkably powerful and easy to use for a free image editor. However, those Mac users used to the the luxurious surrounds of Photoshop probably have a hard time a) using a program called "Gimp" to edit their work and b) using the rather amateurish interface and weird naming conventions that Gimp uses.

Gimpshop screenshotIf you wish you could combine the two in someway then you should definitely checkout GIMPshop for Windows or GIMPshop for Mac. GIMPshop emulates the look and feel of Photoshop remarkably well and changes all those weird Gimp labels such as "convolve" and changes it into the more familiar Adobe Photoshop term of "blur/sharpen". In fact, the program renames and reorganized almost all of GIMP’s tools, options, windows, and menus to closely resemble Adobe Photoshop’s menu structure and naming conventions. In addition, many of the menu options and even whole menus have been recreated to faithfully reproduce a Photoshop-like experience.

Of course, GIMPshop is no replacement for Photoshop in terms of functionality but it does a pretty impressive job looks wise.


  • Jason |

    Thanks for the info. I will check it out!

  • christie bella |
    christie bella

    ah- that would be why i was having problems with it- i am a Windows XP user. When i initially came across GIMPShop, I was so excited for it- on my laptop, i am running Photoshop (Elements), (which means that i, unfortunately, have no channels, or Paths tool)- and so figured that GIMP + PS Elements would come as close to CS4 as possible, (though i do have Photoshop CS4 installed on my other computer)- however, i do have a tough time using GIMP b/c i am so used to Photoshop- it is ingrained in me- i consistently (and incorrectly) use PS shortkeys, i am always trying to figure out what is what on GIMP, and i have a difficult time trying to decipher GIMP's wording, or language.

    So, needless to say, i downloaded & installed GIMPShop (yes- despite the fact that i am running Windows XP, i was still somehow able to install GIMPShop on my pc?!) The program even started up with no problems, and i even opened an image to work on- but as soon as i tried to do anything to the image, i would get the error message "GIMPShop has encountered a problem and needs to close"- i tried like 5 or 6 more times, couldn't get it to work & then, frustrated & discouraged, I uninstalled it. I have a nice, new, very fast laptop, with a lot of memory, and so was surprised that GIMPShop seemed to be even too much for my laptop (i wondered, what the hell kind of a turbo laptop does one need in order to use this application?! haha). Anyway, i came back here to see whether there was some sort of forum, or help information regarding my problem, which was when i discovered that GIMPShop does not, currently, have a Windows version. Phew! At least it's not my laptop. But, damn! No Windows version! I beg of you to release a pc version soon! please! from what little i was able to observe of GIMPShop, it looks great. I would love to be able to actually use it now!

  • arun |

    i really like gimp, i am using since 1 year.

  • Derek |

    This is where you download gimp for windows

  • Derek |


  • Derek |

    down load from gimp.org/download/

  • Nicholas Mead |
    Nicholas Mead

    Or you can download it here for Windows:


    And here for Mac:


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