Open more tabs with FaviconizeDuring my daily browsing sessions with Firefox I tend to open more tabs than the browser can actually show on its interface, so I end up with half-displayed titles and a horizontal scroll bar that makes navigation really awkward.

That's why I love this extension I just installed. FaviconizeTab reduces tabs to the minimum possible size: the favicon. As each tab takes only a few pixels, you can open many more in just about the same space. Then you only need to be able to associate each favicon with its correspondent website.

The only problem I see is that if you open more than one page belonging to the same website, you'll get the same favicon. But then again, it's just a question of memory.


  • Torley |

    I recommend if you have a widescreen or generally big-rez monitor, that you look into using vertical tabs. I often have many tabs, sometimes in excess of 50, open... so vertical is the way to go! Think of a phone book with index stubs down a side that help you find things. Sort of the same aspect here. I advocate trying out Widefox, and I previously blogged about this here:

    » http://torley.com/why-my-web-browsers-vertical-tabs-rock-hardcore/ » http://torley.com/ive-got-vertical-tabs-in-firefox-again

    Take care! :)

  • Elena |

    Thanks for the tip Torley! I'll try Widefox and see how vertical tabs work :)

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