Everyday when I check my RSS feeds, I come across a dozen articles that I'd like to read in detail, but for which I have no time at that moment. The easy thing to do is to add them to Bookmarks and check them later on. But if you keep on doing this for a long period of time, you'll end up with a huge and messy collection of bookmarks, most of which you won't even remember why you bookmarked them in the first place.

Fixing this problem is easier than you think. There are a few apps that have been especially developed to save web pages to read later - as some sort of temporal bookmarks you'll delete right after reading. Here's a selection of some of them, but don't hesitate to drop us a line in comments in case you know any others.

Read It LaterRead It Later - As its name clearly states, Read It Later allows you to save interesting blog posts and web articles to read them later. It's a Firefox extension that saves web pages with a single click on its bookmarklet. Read It Later stands out for its support for mobile phones, featuring an official iPhone client and an Android client created by one of its users.

InstapaperInstapaper - Really simple app that lets you save web pages for reading later, with the possibility to organize them in folders and mark them as starred items - like RSS feed readers. Instapaper requires free registration and is compatible with other services such as Google Reader and NetNewsWire, as well as iPhone, Kindle and other devices.

TabooTaboo - This is another Firefox extension that adds two new icons to the toolbar, next to the browser's address bar. The first one lets you save the current web page to read it later, while the second one displays the list of all the web pages you've saved so far. Taboo shows a handy preview before actually opening the article.

ReadbagReadbag - Another excellent choice, though unlike the previous ones, it's not free. Readbag features an impeccable minimalist design and has also an iPhone version, which makes it quite handy for reading selected articles and blog posts on the move. Like Read It Later or Instapaper, it creates an RSS feed with the web pages you save.

Quiet ReadQuiet Read - Finally, an app for Mac. Quiet Read enables you to save web pages to read later, but the difference is that the program displays them without you having to open the web browser. All saved web pages are stored in a convenient drop-down list you can access from the Mac's menu bar on top of your screen.

[Via: OnSoftware ES]


  • Ju |

    Don't even try the others, Instapaper is the best of all. I'm using it on my iPod Touch, the browser and the new version is really perfect. Definitly one of my top 10 apps.

    Oh! And there's an iPod version coming (for those who will have money to spend!).

  • Rebecca |

    But does it charge you for using Instapaper? Or can you read blogs for free? I'm worried about getting a humungous bill from Amazon!

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