I switched to Chrome only a few weeks ago. I didn't consider switching before because Firefox was working fine for me, and I wasn't suffering from any of the speed, stability of memory issues everyone around me was complaining about. But when Firefox 4 launched everything changed, and that was the turning point for me. I downloaded Chrome and I'm not going back. Here's my simple guide to switching without a hitch:

Switching to a new browser makes you anxious. Will it be easy to use? Will I be able to adapt? What about extensions? You spend the very first hours exploring menus and options, learning the new location of options and settings, testing if your old keyboard shortcuts are still working. Luckily, moving from Firefox to Chrome is not that difficult - there are just a few things you need to take into account.

Importing bookmarks

Bookmarks are an important part of your online life. If you have a large collection of web addresses, all perfectly organized in folders and subfolders, you don't want to lose it when switching to a new browser. Chrome makes bookmark importing really easy: just click the wrench icon, select Options > Personal Stuff and click the button that says Import data from another browser.

You'll be able to import bookmarks, saved passwords and other data from any of the browsers installed on your system.

Installing add-ons

Coming from Firefox, the first thing you'll miss in Chrome is having extensions to customize the browser's appearance and behavior. Worry not: the Chrome Web Store features a large selection of browser extensions, conveniently organized in categories, so that you can tailor Chrome to your needs.

Chrome's list of extensions is in the wrench icon menu > Tools > Extensions. The list displays any extensions you have installed and includes a link to download more.

To get a new extension for Chrome, simply browse the Web Store until you find one you like, and click the Install button. Always check rating and user comments before - they can give you a pretty accurate idea of what you're about to install on your browser.

Now the only pending issue is to find equivalent Chrome extensions to the add-ons you were using in Firefox. In many cases you'll find a port of the same add-on you were using in Firefox, like AdBlock and LastPass. In some other cases, unfortunately, there'll be only a stripped down version of the original Firefox add-on - such as Firebug Lite. And in some others, you won't even need the add-on any more. In my case, for example, I used Download StatusBar in Firefox but I find that Chrome's built-in download manager is more than enough for my needs.

Design and Customization

If you used Personas for Firefox, you'll be happy to know that Chrome also supports skins to customize the browser's appearance. Simply open the wrench icon menu, go to Options > Personal Stuff and click the Get themes link under the Themes title.

Chrome will open a new tab with a plethora of themes to add a personal touch to your browser. Themes are divided in two groups: those created by Google and those created by famous artists and fashion designers, like Dolce & Gabanna, Oscar de la Renta or Donna Karan. To install any of them, just click the Apply theme button.


  • aardmaat |

    why on earth would you switch to chrome? I use chrome, ie, opera and safari sometimes but mostly use firefox. nowadays chrome isn't fast compared to other browsers, they're all about equal. firefox has the most addons, looks the way I want, not the way some random developer wants and is just as fast. chrome themes aren't to bad but they're nothing compared to the thousands of persona's for firefox. Chrome sure isn't a bad browser but it doesn't really have any advantage over firefox anymore

  • Anonymous |

    Enjoy your botnet.

  • guest |

    @aardmaat That's just what I want to say.

  • pappu |


  • karma |


  • Matt Perkins |
    Matt Perkins

    Chrome's extensions aren't on par with Firefox's add-ons and most who like Firefox aren't gonna switch for Chrome's watered down extensions, themes and how the extensions line up side by side. Basically Chrome is not for the add-on junkie whom uses a lot of add-ons. It also isn't as customizable under the hood as Firefox. I won't switch to Chrome until Chrome let's you customize the customize where the extensions can be placed and allows you better theme support. Chrome's themes are more like Firefox's Personas than actual themes anyways.

  • Naja Hannah |
    Naja Hannah

    Since the Firefox 4.0 and rushed 5.0, the browser has been slow, Flash bogs down and crashes constantly, and FF has sucked generally. Half the old add-ons are not compatible, not working and causing even more issues. Using Chrome has fixed that. Sorry but Mozilla is dropping the ball here.

  • Sam |

    I switched because Firefox does not support Yahoo's new mail format, and the big E is toooooooooo Slow.

  • Buzzy |

    Is this directed only to Windows users? Because the "tips" here are 100% fucking wrong if you're using a Mac. And Chrome's total lack of useful add-ons makes it a complete waste of time compared to Firefox.

    @Sam Firefox certainly does support Yahoo! Mail's "new" format (at least on Mac). You need to update you Yahoo! Mail bookmark to get to the "new" inbox, but it works fine. Though if you're still using Yahoo! Mail you have bigger problems than browser speed.

  • jackielee |

    personally, I use firefox for work, and chrome for personal web browsing. Chrome is not the fastest one, but I like its UI, while the new interface of Firefox 4 is a little bit ugly compared with previous version.

  • Peter Gilbert |
    Peter Gilbert

    This is why I use Opera 11.50 Everything else just does not make sense. I especially like the way Opera has its Speed dial. Google toolbar does not exist on Firefox. Chrome is very difficult to see the download if like me you are color-blind.

  • Xan |

    I am using Google chrome, Google chrome canary build and Mozilla Firefox. One of Google chrome's major disadvantages are their plugins. If you put even at least 1 plugin on it, it will really affects its speed and will always make your pc freez everytime even if you are have high RAM. For example is the clix-sense toolbar plugin for google chrome. It will make your browser buggy. For plugins, firefox is still better but uses more memory.

  • *Tom |

    Personally, I use Chrome at home with no addons or themes. I don't need them. At work, I use Chrome with 2 addons and no themes, and Firefox with lots of addons and no themes. Themes in general are a distraction from the quality of the browser, as far as I'm concerned. Addons sometimes help me get my work done but when I'm not working, I'm really happy to use a completely clean browser.

    Remember: every addon or theme you add to any browser will have a negative impact on its performance.

  • aceukservices |

    I agree with Tom and also would like to add l ave tried them all but eventually went over to Chrome until flash crashed and crashed, now it is a version of Chromium through Comodo and for others l will use Chrome with very few addons but also suggest using their servers to give added protection.

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  • Anton |

    The equivalent to Adblock Plus is not the adblocker you linked to in your article (which is just a copycat using the same name).

    The REAL Adblock Plus is this one: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cfhdojbkjhnklbpkdaibdccddilifddb

  • Cindy |

    it's extremely annoying when you frequently get a kill page notice or everytime shockwave crashes in chrome. it would have been handy, otherwise.

  • subhash |


  • Reggie |

    I use FF mainly b/c Chrome is still not recognized as a main browser. I did use Chrome, but then I found stuff like Shockwave wasn't made for it (look under system requirements). Flash only works because Google integrated it into Chrome. Maybe when Chrome is up there with IE and FF in terms of recognizability will I use it.

  • Khun Hlaing Bwar |
    Khun Hlaing Bwar

    I needs every days for avg free all acitve. How take now?

  • hussnainshakir |

    google crome is great fast and beautiful program

  • M.A Baloch |
    M.A Baloch

    it is good but i don't like it

  • Daniel |

    Chrome lacks the ability to create profiles, which i find very handy since i have more than one person wanting to use the web on one computer. I must admit that Chrome is getting better. However, it is not there yet to justify changing.

  • jehanzeb |

    i have a problem in connecting my google chrome, how can be rectify the application.

  • N.A. |

    I was a Chrome user (well actually more of Rockmelt with the same system but also chrome oh well lol) for the first few months of the year but apparently, after too much crashing and problems running things blah blah, I went back to Firefox after the release of 4.0/5.0. It isn't the fastest but still I can do most of what I want to do there. If you really want an ultra mega fast browser - try Maxthon or Opera :) I use them interchangeably with Firefox, plus they've got really cool UIs. :)

  • Al |

    Firefox 5 is buggy. Often crashing, tired of the Ooops... message. I downgraded to 3.6 and added Chrome...

  • abusadat adams |
    abusadat adams

    i really like google

  • r.m.n.anurasiri |

    i like really google chrome,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • ahmad |


  • ahmad |


  • ahmad |


  • satnam kaler |
    satnam kaler

    i just love firecrome

  • josh |
  • Alan B |
    Alan B

    I mostly use FF (3.6). Have refused to upgrade to v6 due to memory usage.

    In fact - the reason I found this page is because FF is APPALLING with memory usage, and was looking for info/alternatives. I occasionally use Chrome too, but agree it's not really mature enough yet (extensions etc).

    Actually, all Mozilla software is crap for memory leaks - especially the SLOW and bloated latest version of Thunderbird (v6). Version 2 was by far the best - most streamlined version - then they brought in v3 with the new storage engine - a complete hog on resources - that element has improved in the latest version, but memory usage has gone through the roof.

    Please - Mozilla - get your act together - STOP releasing all these new versions of your apps until you FIX all the obvious memory leaks.

  • Just A Little Bit Green |
    Just A Little Bit Green

    Here's my advice - ditch Firefox, Chrome or any other browser that you may be using and employ the use of extra-terrestial sonic micro-fields that are currently encircling the planet. That way you will have nothing to complain about; because if you do complain the aliens will take you away and vaporise your computer...you will then come back as an overworked micro-chip trying to keep up with the all inane browsers that continually change their persona(lity)...

  • deore nilesh bhausaheb |
    deore nilesh bhausaheb

    It is a very good product of microsoft.

  • delok |


  • delok |


  • mr. ugaly |
    mr. ugaly

    so faster

  • David Buddy |
    David Buddy

    @Alan B Firefox 7 and Thunderbird 7 have Mem Shrink With then so from 26,000KB to 724KB

  • mesy |

    I still prefer firefox. I know a lot of people liked 3.6 because of the myriad of add-ons and then got disappointed with 4.0, i did too. I downgraded to 3.6 and later upgraded to 5.0, I later found that a lot of add-ons have been upgraded for the new versions. firefox may not be attractive but it can end up looking pretty good with a persona which i find are far better than chrome's equivalent. chrome is pretty quick but than i wouldnt say its far faster. what puts me off a bit with chrome is how it doesnt support rss as well as the other popular browsers which is a feature i use.

  • layton Mangwiye |
    layton Mangwiye

    Mozilla firefox is giving too much problems when you want to check your mails it sbecoming something very impossible.

  • Brent |

    You're switching the wrong way!

  • Aram |

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  • tyler |

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  • Su Hall |
    Su Hall

    I switched, as did the author, and for some of the same reasons. I got tired of FF crashing up to 8 times a day. And, Yahoo's 'new' mail? I thought another browser might support it and it would stop freezing up on me. It NEVER did that before! So, I switched to Chrome. Yahoo's mail still sucks, but, I don't have to restart my browser all day! Yay!!

    I have found several things Chrome doesn't do as well as FF. The Bookmarks are one. A bunch of add-ons is another. But, the biggest change I have found that FF does so well that Chrome doesn't - it crashes repeatedly!

    It depends on many factors, so, we all have to find what works best for us. It's just odd that I am seeing so many articles on switching, both FROM FF and FROM Yahoo mail. They used to work so well!

    Thanks for your article!


  • Jack Fosters |
    Jack Fosters

    Thanks for the review! Really useful!

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