Accordance Bible LogoSearching around the net, I've realised that there is very little decent free Bible study software for the Mac. There are several commercial packages such as QuickVerse ($99) and Zondervan ($149.99) but they don't come cheap. However, thankfully for Bible scholars, there are a handful of open-source and free Bible applications and widgets that mean you can use your Mac as a tool to aid religious learning.

Accordance logoAccordance Although not strictly free, it only shuts-down every 60 minutes and you can restart it again immediately. Accordance is definitely the best looking and most intuitive "free" Bible study software I've seen on the Mac. Accordance is aimed at all levels of study and if you do want to upgrade, the starter package is just $49 (although the most expensive is a staggering $3000!).

MacSword logoMacSword This is a free & open-source application for the research and study of the bible on the Mac. You can read and browse many different bible translations in different languages and also read devotionals, commentaries, dictionaries and lexicons and more covering over 200 texts which can be downloaded from the Sword Project website.

Bible Desktop logoBible Desktop Another free and open-source project Bible Desktop runs across all platforms and relies on the JSword project for texts ranging from Bible commentaries, dictionaries and daily devotionals to more general books and hymns. The interface is pretty basic compared to something like Accordance and I had problems retrieving the books.

Logos Bible Widget logoLogos Bible Widget Developers Logos are dedicated to Bible study software but Bible Widget is their only free offering. Bible Widget allows you to look-up any Bible verse on your Mac instantly simply by typing or pasting any scripture reference into it instantly revealing the entire verse. You also have the option of changing the Bible used from the English Standard Edition to the King James Edition.

podBible logopodBible Marketed by the developer as "Put some God in your Pod" podBible is a free application that allows you to do something that wouldn't normally be possible on an iPod - put the entire text of the Bible on it. podBible gets around the text limit size of most iPods by using the Notes section of your iPod, which can hold a number of text files that support a limited amount of markup similar to HTML.

These are some of the few free bible software options that I've tried and tested on the Mac but if you've got any other suggestions, let us know!


  • Andy |

    Hey, Online Bible should definitely be mentioned in your list.

  • Nicholas Mead |
    Nicholas Mead

    Andy, I did have a look at Online Bible but the 13 step installation procedure described below completely put me off. Sounds way too complicated!


  • Nathaniel Heng |
    Nathaniel Heng

    I've used Online Bible for Mac ever since I had the Powerbook 100. Great Program. Way before its time. It's really not that difficult to install. With the CD to pay for the royalties, I had some of the newer bibles available at that time. i.e. NLT, NIV, NASB, NRSV along with lots of other material. I've had to use the macSword and now use alkitab because I need the thai version.

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    Free Bible Study Software | Best Bible Programs | BibleSEO Blog

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  • To Do |
    To Do

    The accordance demo is hardly of any use since it only has only two books: genesis and matthew. So it is not a "free" alternative.

  • Nicholas Mead |
    Nicholas Mead

    Thanks for the update To Do although I did point out that Accordance wasn't strictly free due the 60 minute restart limitation.

  • John Minter |
    John Minter

    I just installed On line Bible for mac. It wasn't a 13 step process at all. Just a lengthy DL. I have also DL'd and installed all the other free commentaries and Translations. Also was neither lengthy nor complicated to install.

    I've been using OLB since it was DOS based and yes, the New Testament had been written then. It has always been strong, and Bible study focused. Support was always quick via email. I'm looking forward to the Mac version. Bible Study focused means that I can look at various translations, commentaries, Greek/Hebrew, Strongs, etc all in a skinny minute without a lot of window switching and searching libraries.

    I looked at Bible Explorer for Mac. It looks great. Watching the tutorials showed me that it was focused on Bible study. But, alas, I'm not running 10.4.

  • Chantelle |

    Where do you find the bible versions to download in order to use OLB? Definately struggling!

  • Chris |

    I've used OLB since attending Bible College in 1992. However, I've never owned a MAC before. Does OLB run on MAC as well as an IBM?

  • Kim |

    I've used OLB for Mac since it first came out - endured the LONG wait for update when OS X came out. In my mind it is about the best online version of the Bible. I love the great Mac interface, and all the Bibles and commentaries. I think it was easy to install, easy to view and use all the Bibles, lexicons, notes etc. and easy to add your own notes and bookmarks.

    Go to http://www.online-bible.com/maconlinebible.html to try out all the free stuff, but I'll bet you spring for the DVD before long.

  • Nana Kodjo |
    Nana Kodjo

    I have just gone through a few pages of this wonderful study guide out of which one can find life. I believe every child of God should take this oppotunity of search for spiritual gems so as to enjoy life here and beyond.

  • chanc |

    its 2013 theres got to be a better software out there!!!?????

  • MakMan |

    I've enjoyed Blue Letter Bible. . . . Great Resource for MAC Good Commentaries. Free versions of the Bible. No Cost

  • Curtis F |
    Curtis F

    GloBible and Bible Desktophave been the best in my opinion.

  • sdenmark17 |

    Olive Tree Bible App is great, but it can be a bit buggy when you are doing a search or have too many windows opened at once. I recently was taking notes and tried to do a search and the app crashed and now every time I open the app it crashes immediately! Other than that little problem it has been great, hopefully I hear from their support team soon so I can get this fixed.

  • Cookie |

    I still think the actual Bible book itself should be brought to church. Download at home or on the go or whatever, but in church, it should be the actual Bible carried inside, read and followed during the sermon.

    There is just nothing like the real thing (so to speak) When you open the pages of the Bible, it seem all the voices of Biblical history is there. It's as though you can feel their presence and especially God's presence. I have no doubt, there is life and the spirit of iblial forefathers can be and are being felt the moment the book of the Bible is opened.

  • Andrew |

    Hi all,

    I use Logos for Mac, but it is such a... I don't know what it is but it makes my mac like a slug. I only need a simple search most of the time and copy and paste.

    Logos has a feature that will turn a reference in many programs into the full text at the click of hot key... but it has to have the whole program running and it makes everything so slow.

    Any suggestions gratefully received.

  • William Griessel |
    William Griessel

    For a PC, MAC or both;

    I found BibleWorks v8 and in particular v9 to be the best for the money spent (under $400) as it incorporates far more materials, resources, cross-references on the spot on your screen as well as versatility in printing on Microsoft Word. It really doesn't take long to learn to use it and will NOT regret it as a powerful learning tool, for research, and preparing sermons when needed. I would like to sincerely recommend you looking into BibleWorks as an option.


  • zombilly |

    andy you are right just look up olb for mac

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