Watch those books fall!!!It's the sixth day of my software Easter egg search and today I'm exploring the hidden mysteries of WinRAR. It's a compression utility so I'm going to write a compressed blog post about it. There are two cool Easter eggs in WinRAR. Click on 'Help' and choose 'About WinRAR'. Now click on the WinRAR banner and watch the waves lapping across the ocean. Now click on the books and watch them fall. That's it (told you it was compressed).

Continue with the Easter egg hunt here.


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    The WinRAR contraction drive has many features such as it has more complete contraction value than WinZip, its smooth contraction ensuing in low files sizes of it; it has big range of alternatives and backgrounds along with the spontaneous Quick-Start characteristic.

    WinRAR is very uncomplicated and comfortable to utilize file achiever. While you are clicking on a compacted file, it will immediately display you all the things there except a tree-style panel in the way. It is also very simple to move and unload all of the details in the compacted file to another placement with

    WinRAR. If you require something uncomplicated to set up your contracted file and either, do not bear in mind compensating after the test finishes or don’t look out the jade screen after the test finishes, then this is decidedly one of the best compression tool.

    If you are looking to compress files and folders, and just want something simple to decompress your compressed files, WinRAR" rel="external">http://whatiswinrar.com">WinRAR is one of the best options available to you. to know more about what" rel="external">http://whatiswinrar.com/">what is winrar and free download visit www.whatiswinrar.com

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