When it comes to Windows classic time wasters, two titles come to mind: Minesweeper and Solitaire. I must admit I was more on the Solitaire side, mainly because I was hardly able to complete a single level in those darn mine fields. The clock's unstoppable ticking and the anxiety of being treading over explosives always got on my nerves and made me click on the wrong square. Oh well, maybe I'll improve my skills in this new online version of MineSweeper.

Time waster: Minesweeper strikes back

The classic time waster is now presented in an eye-catching Flash 3D design and follows exactly the same rules: guess where all the mines are hidden without being blown up by any of them. Use field numbers as a hint to the possible amount of mines around you and mark each potential mine spot with Ctrl+Left-click.

The game's setting and decoration change as you progress through it, which enables you to enjoy highly detailed pixel-art designs with each new level.


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