Christmas is one of the best-selling seasons for holiday card manufacturers. However I still prefer handmade cards: they're cheaper, you have fun while creating them and they imply a personal effort – which is always better than a standard card you can buy at the nearest mall.

You don't need to be a computer whiz or have highly artistic skills to create your own customized Christmas cards. Some basic Photoshop knowledge is more than enough to come up with a nice, unique design. You could start by a simple text-based card with an original snow effect on it.

Tips and ideas to create your own Christmas cards

If you feel more daring, you could try to design a Christmas card in Photoshop. We've published a couple of tutorials on the blog to help you out. The first one is the easiest: a simple question of taking advantage of Photoshop's custom shape brushes (a tree and some snowflakes) and repeating them on different layers.

Tips and ideas to create your own Christmas cards

The second one is a bit more difficult, but looks great. Create a tree made of stars and add your personal message to it! It may take a bit longer, but it's worth the effort. Just think about the face of the card's recipient when they get something created by you.

Tips and ideas to create your own Christmas cards

Finally, don't forget the internet is full of resources to create your own Christmas card.  A quick look at DeviantArt, for example, will reveal dozens of wallpapers, icons and other eyecandy to easily make your custom cards more attractive.


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    using artwork off deviantart.com for you christmas cards is pathetic. its blatant theft of anothers hard work. get a life and stop advertising copyright infringement

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