Alternative uninstallersWe all know Windows features its own utility to uninstall applications, which you can find in Control Panel > Add or Remove programs. But this doesn't mean you have to stick with it. There are many alternative apps that do the same job, and sometimes even better than Windows itself. So don't use the standard tool juts because it comes bundled with the system! Take a step forward and try any of these free uninstalling applications: one of them will probably become your favorite from now on.

  • MyUninstaller - a basic, yet very efficient uninstalling tool
  • Revo Uninstaller - an uninstaller with some extra cleaning utilities
  • Add/Remove Manager - uninstall apps and remove entries from the program list
  • Free Uninstaller - this fast uninstaller also features an embedded search tool
  • ZSoft Uninstaller - uninstalls apps and removes all traces from the PC
  • Safarp - a standard alternative uninstaller with support for exporting data
  • Absolute Uninstaller - uninstall absolutely anything with total confidence
  • Easy Uninstaller - this simple uninstaller displays extended information about each app
  • PC Decrapifier - a special tool to erase pre-installed software on new computers
  • Add/Remove - a prank tool to make your friends believe their software is being erased!


  • jay |

    Can you tell me the reason I might need a different uninstaller to my Windows one please?? What do the 10 you chose do that my Windows Add/Remove doesn't do?? I'm happy to install a 'better' add/remove app, are any of the above better and if so is there really that much difference? Hope you reply for me and the many others who may read this. Jay

  • Elena |

    Hello Jay, These uninstallers usually provide more information about each program than the Windows standard tool, so that you're sure what to uninstall and what to leave. Also, some of them are really much faster than the Windows add/remove (have you noticed how long does the list take to be populated?). Finally, they're often able to uninstall apps that the Windows add/remove tool won't uninstall or won't even remove from the list.

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  • cathy |

    Perfect Uninstaller is wonderful, for it can uninstall any applications, even coorupted or half-installed ones, help you clean your registry information and all the files related to help you install a new version.

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