Battleship photo by Margan ZajdowiczWhen I was younger I loved playing Battleship with my friends. Of course now games have evolved and you have realistic naval battle simulators available for your PC. Battleship is still really fun, but does it really compare to those high resolution re-enactments of epic naval battles that you can now play on your computer?

The majority of these games take place during WWII and involve as much strategy as rigorous organization and preparation. You'll have to manage your fleet of aircraft and battleships to beat your enemy. Some will ask you to defend your base, ports and fleet while others will entail launching raids, cutting off naval routes and launching all-out naval invasions of enemy territory. If you're into history you'll like getting to play around with military ships and aircraft from the 40s and acting out some major battles of WWII. Let's take a look at the best naval battle games found on Softonic:

  • Aquapack Battle Boattle - A fast paced micro-machine style game where you need to carry out numerous missions. A fun cartoony game, but nothing too serious either.
  • Pacific Storm - Playing either as the US or Imperial Japan, carry out large scale air and naval military operations. Realistic ship and aircraft models and nice a strategic side to the game.
  • Naval Strike - Fight air-to-air and sea-to-air combats, aiming to destroy as many of the enemy transports as possible.
  • 1939: Battlefleet - Played from an overhead view this game is all about strategy, with loads of scenarios, campaigns and missions. It's seen as an extension to the basic Battleship game.
  • Battlefleet Pacific War - The same as the above mentioned game, except this one is based only in the Pacific Ocean. Includes legendary Death Match scenarios like Pearl Harbor or Iwo Jima.
  • BattleStations: Midway Iowa Pack - This is an excellent strategy game with top notch graphics and animations. In Midway Iowa you re-enact the most epic battle that took place in the Pacific.
  • BattleStations: Midway Multiplayer Demo - Fight massive air and sea battles with up to eight other players. Again, excellent graphics and ultra realistic missions.


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