SnagIt logoCapturing screenshots is useful for all kinds of reasons from building tutorials to illustrating game and software graphics like we do everyday here at Softonic. Most operate on the same point-and-shoot principle but differ in the number of features they have and how powerful they are. Here's a handy selection of my top ten screen-capture utilities:

  • SnagIt - Capture, share, add special effects and annotate all-in-one


  • Success in Work » Blog Archive » Using the Right Tools Part II - Scr |
    Success in Work » Blog Archive » Using the Right Tools Part II - Scr

    [...] Now that you are convinced, all that remains is to download a suitable screen capture tool. The built-in Windows XP print screen functionality is extremely basic, so I strongly recommend using a more powerful application. Apparently Microsoft Vista has a much enhanced screen capture capability, but I have yet to use it. Personally, I use Gadwin PrintScreen, which I find to have a good balance between speed of use and functionality. The basic version is free, though the professional version has additional features and is good value. InsideTonic also has a top-ten list of screen capture tools that are worth a look. [...]

  • Adrian |

    DevExtras Print Screen is also pretty good, it's got a built in image editor, and also has a free version for black & white captures. (www.devextras.com/printscreen)

  • Carrie Buffey |
    Carrie Buffey

    Snagit is one of my favorite tools, it can handle various types of screenshots that "PrintScreen" method cannot deal with. It's a perfect combination of simplicity and strong performance. But since it's not a free tool, I sometimes have to switch to another simpler alternative to work with the screenshots: http://apowersoft-free-screen-capture.en.softonic.com/

  • 116555544 |

    I prefer Bandicam - It has a lot of great settings for codecs and quality, and also has presets for YouTube, so it's really easy to use.

  • obabama |

    Gitashare Screen Recorder Pro is very simple to use and powerful, It has a free version for non commercial use. Records in many different formats. Great program for capturing various inputs.

  • olyareminna |

    StepShot (stepshot.net) does this work, plus - it enables to create manuals based on screenshots. It has free trial version.

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