PDF logoIn view of the fact that Yahoo have announced they've reached a deal to insert adverts into Adobe's PDF reader, I thought I'd give you 5 solid alternatives that you can use. There are many good reasons to not use Adobe Reader anyway, not least that it's terribly bloated with plug-ins and extensions that take an age to load before you actually see the PDF document. This latest announcement will surely mean that things are set to get even slower and so there's never been a better time to try these.

  • PDF2Word - Bypass the PDF format completely and read it in Word


  • Kevin |

    Funny but I was unable any free downloads sites not available good one.

  • Scott’s Blog » Blog Archive » Alternative PDF Readers |
    Scott’s Blog » Blog Archive » Alternative PDF Readers

    [...] According to an article I got from my boss, there is a flaw in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Readers that will allow hackers to take over your machine if you open a PDF file they send you.  The article only mentions Windows XP Service Pack 3 as a vulnerable OS, so it’s unclear whether Vista can be taken over this way as well.  Despite how serious this flaw is, a fix for it won’t be available until March 11.  Between now and then, you can either swear off the opening of PDFs entirely, or use an alternative PDF reader. [...]

  • Magnus |

    Foxit has been totally unusable for firefox for a long time now. It freezes firefox upon opening web pdfs pages. they haven't fixed it and don't answer questions about it in their forums anymore. It used to be good but now it is worse than adobe itself. It has just become the bloated thing that in addition to that cause a lot of headache.

  • Jonny |

    All this is vruses and spyware, my computer is totally blocked and my creditcard is empty. And someone used my computer to hack area 51. I can not even reinstall my hardrive. My PSU started a fire here. Stay away..

  • andre.sid |

    I like to work with PDF-XChange Viewer. I use it for long time and it gets better and better. It has really nice and versatile interface and many free features to work with PDF-s such as page thumbnails, stamp tool, sticky tool, adding comments, edit/create Bookmark, multilanguage support for User Interface, support for XFA PDF form files and much more.

  • Tazim |

    It is very efficient and effective. I would like to use it free.

  • andre.sid |

    PDF-XChange Viewer is awesome! No malware, stable and very fast work, full tool kit for view/edit pdfs and new excellent OCR for free.

  • SebCh |

    PDF-XChange - №1 in this group of alternative softwares to Adobe. It's the most functional, stable and handy to use and also it offers more features for free. For example, with new build we have free OCR.

  • Wasat Qureshi |
    Wasat Qureshi

    very good software in all respect.

  • Honeycomb |

    I hear you, hogspace. Copy that.

    My comment: Isn't there a nitro pdf program out there, too? And it converts? Wonder why that one isn't mentioned?

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