If you've got World Cup fever and you've got an iPhone, then here are 5 top downloads and applications to celebrate the beautiful game and the biggest footballing show on Earth:

fifa10.pngJust like the 'real' FIFA 10, FIFA 10 for iPhone is a fully licensed simulation that lets you play in competitions from a wide range of World leagues, ranging from the Scottish Premier League to the Brazilian League. There's also a wide selection of international teams, and you can compete for the ultimate prize, the FIFA World Cup.

x2football.pngWhile FIFA 10 may have the name and brand, many may find that X2 Football 2009 has the gameplay. This excellent soccer simulation looks and feels a lot like Pro Evolution Soccer, only a little scaled back, of course. The control system in X2 Football 2009 will feel very comfortable and familiar for anyone who has played a football game on their console. Note that you'll have to upgrade to the full version to play matches.

Football Manager.pngIt's hard to imagine a mobile version of the game could be anything like as in-depth as the original, but Football Manager Handheld 2010 offers a surprisingly rich management experience. You can take control of a team from a choice of 34 leagues across 11 different countries. You get to set tactics, pick formations, issue team and individual instructions, organize training, scout players and make transfers.

espnthumb.jpgIf you're simply interested in following the real thing, then ESPN 2010 World Cup is one of the best ways of following the World Cup live. The sheer amount of information it offers is staggering. In fact, if you try to read everything on it the World Cup would probably be over by the time you've finished. The main screen lets you browse different categories, including: Teams, News, Fixtures, Venues and Tournament History.

africa.pngIf you want something even closer to the action, then how about the Southafrica2010 World Cup Soccer Cup Tracker. SouthAfrica 2010 is specially designed to provide you with moment-by-moment coverage of all the games. The app features something called Gamecast which delivers all the essential and crucial moments during a match as it happens. News is delivered via all four official FIFA RSS feeds so you'll be the first to know.


  • David |

    Hi, After comparing some other wolrdcup apps I got an app called "SouthAfrica-Fan.com" which seems to have a lot of information and features such as players, stadiums, teams, standings, forecasts, youtube videos, push notifications and so on. I think it is a cool apo. You may wanna check it out.

  • David |

    Hi, After comparing some WorldCup apps, I decided to get an app called "SouthAfrica-Fan.com" which seems to have everything you need to know, including YouTube Videos, Push Notifications and Facebook Connect. I would also recommend it. : )

  • Miguel |

    Hi, to follow the world cup i will use the app "Push South Africa". It comes with Push Notification message alerts for each goal scored by the teams you're following. I think you will like it. Do I recommend it? absolutely.

  • Gareth |

    And for once can we have some one mention Windows Mobile! The HD2 is one of the nicest phones out there and used by a lot of people. Anyway for the poor people not catered for by this article it's worth getting "World Cup 2010" in microsoft's app store. Looks a treat and does everything from satellite photos of the stadiums! Downloads scores whilst matches are on! and has all the usual fixtures (that auto update when people qualify), groups, etc. We like a lot! :)

  • 2010 Fan |
    2010 Fan

    Don't forget The 2010 WC. You can make your own predictions and compare them against the match results which are updated automatically. You can see the matches by date, team, group and all the stats. You can also share your predictions on Facebook. Get it here:


  • Spotflick Gaffer |
    Spotflick Gaffer

    You should also check out Spotflick - the Penalty Shoot Out Game for the iPhone. It is a fun flick to kick game where you get to hone your penalty kicking skills against some of the best goalkeepers from around the world and all in glorious cartoon 2D animated glory!

    Spotflick allows you to win the Spotflick Cup and show the world which nation has the best Penalty Kicking Skills. So you can prove that even if your team can't take penalties, their fans certainly can! The USA are currently sitting in second place behind England in the Table at www.spotflick.com/spotflickcup.php

    Check it out and happy flicking!

  • Pro Evolution Soccer |
    Pro Evolution Soccer

    i hope i can have iphone.:D

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