Whenever I get a new computer, or a virtual machine here at Softonic HQ, one of the first programs I install is a download manager. If you download frequently, it makes the job so much more efficient, easily allowing you to sort, categorize and automate your downloads. What's more, lots also make downloading much, much quicker. What are you waiting for?! Check out the top options here.

Download Accelerator Plus

My favorite app is Download Accelerator Plus (DAP). Even the free version of this manager has more options than you can imagine, integrates perfectly with most browsers and really speeds things up. I couldn't live without it, and if you are looking for a great all-rounder, don't hesitate to download it. Also available for Mac.


FlashGet is another perennial favorite. If there is some reason DAP isn't your cup of tea, give FlashGet a try. It has almost all of the same features and also integrates into your browser. In addition, it has special support for BitTorrent and eMule, for all you torrent fans out there. Just bear in mind, however, that to use FlashGet with Firefox, you'll need a separate plug-in.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is another great all-rounder. In fact, it's very similar to the others mentioned here, but marks itself apart thanks to its browser integration. Many similar apps support the big browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.), but Internet Download Manager goes further, integrating into many lesser-used browsers and variations, such as Opera and Avant Browser. It also has special tools for grabbing internet video.

Free Download Manager

Again, when it comes to the top download managers, the leaders are very, very similar. The same can be said for Free Download Manager, which boasts almost all of the same attractions as the other apps in this list. The one thing that does set it apart, however, is the fact that it is open-source, something that not all the others can claim.


JDownloader comes last in the list, but not we're not making any value judgments. What makes this free GPL app pretty interesting is that it is especially designed for downloading from file sharing sites like Rapidshare.com and Megaupload.com. To this end, it has a number of interesting and unique features, such as support for CCF, RSDF and DLC files, CAPTCHA recognition and automatic file extraction. Also available for Mac.


  • Matt Perkins |
    Matt Perkins

    First off it's an add-on that installs in Firefox not a plugin. Secondly when you install FlashGet and start up Firefox it automatically asks you if you wish to install the add-on. So you don't technically have to "get" it.

    As for the torrent/emule part. It's about as basic as it gets. You can't do much customization to it meaning you can't adjust it much for different types of internet speeds.

    Straight downloader the best are between FlashGet and Download Accelerator Plus. The only true knock on DAP is the fact it has pop-ups and keeps one of their apps in the download manager hoping you click it to download.

    If you wish to use Free Download Manager then your better off downloading the "lite" version on their website.

    However Orbit Downloader is better than Free Download Manager. It offers better features, and a better interface.

    One no one ever mentions what would be my third favorite which is LeechGet. Which tends to be faster than both DAP and FlashGet but is limited to one download at a time on the free version.

  • saman |

    but i'm pretty sure that internet download manager is much faster than(specially)download accelerator.many time i tested and had same result by different download links...have a test and judge(not bye appearance of program!)

  • lianpi |

    I am happy that I can download what i want

  • Rodrigo S. Flores |
    Rodrigo S. Flores

    I am please that I can download what I want.

  • Allan |

    they forgot orbit!

  • vishal |

    this is a superfast downloder?

  • Titto |

    I can't beleive softonic forgot Orbit Downloader

  • Se'Sorrow |

    Free download manager is my favorite. I tried the rest and don't like them at all. Plus, Free Download Manager has bittorrent support.

  • jawad ahmed |
    jawad ahmed


  • harem ali |
    harem ali

    my computer does not run the serial number of internet download manager how to find it , please

  • azza |


  • tj |


  • nr |


  • noman saleem |
    noman saleem

    i am very very happy

  • juana |

    im very happy

  • Amit Kumar Raj |
    Amit Kumar Raj

    idm is my favourite downloader

  • Suman Deb |
    Suman Deb

    I bought IDM which is best. for only one feature relocate broken download links.

  • help4all |

    Downloaded Free Download Manager, YouTube flash videos couldn't play after downloading.

    Downloaded Internet Download Manager, audio of flash videos decrease after downloading.

    Now, downloading Download Accelerator Plus.

  • help4all |

    Internet Download Manager, audio of flash videos don't decrease after downloading. I'll stick to it.

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