utorrent.jpgNow that BitTorrent has gone all sensible and started charging for licensed downloads, free torrent clients are likely to experience a surge in usage. uTorrent and BitComet are two of the most popular torrent apps around, allowing you download audio, video and software at high speeds through torrents, downloading a file in pieces rather than from one source in order to speed up transfer times.

uTorrent (also written as 'µTorrent') has quickly become a favorite among torrent users worldwide thanks to an innovative interface, minute CPU usage and extensive download details. The program is undoubtedly one of the most reliable torrent clients on the market, thanks to an ultra quick installation process and a minimal use of PC resources. You can have a good number of torrents downloading and still be able to use your PC without suffering any lags.

uTorrent makes it easy for you to look for new downloads without opening up your browser. You can search the main torrent sites by typing the name of the file you are looking for in the box on the top right corner of the interface. uTorrent also includes an RSS downloader to receive feeds of your favourite torrent sites. This little feature is great for checking out all the new torrents in one click.

bitcomet_logo.jpgAnd in the blue corner – BitComet, an application that prides itself on its wide array of features for managing your torrents.... As opposed to the rather sparse uTorrent interface, the glitzy BitComet swings in with all manner of flashy icons and a a multitude of options that give you more control over your downloads. For those who want a no-fuss client, the extra features may simply get in the way.

Once a torrent is selected for download with BitComet, a dialog pops up allowing you to determine the location to save to and select exactly which files in the torrent you want. Once downloading, the regular stop, pause, cancel, update etc options are all available plus a handy “remove torrent & all files” option which removes all trace of an unwanted torrent from your PC. Many users report the download rates are good although note no particular difference with other clients' speeds. The best feature however is a ‘preview media’ option, which forces the torrent to download sequentially instead of randomly thus allowing you to preview any multimedia downloads. It’s a great way to avoid broken links, but, on the downside, it will slow down your download considerably.

Another interesting feature is the ‘intelligent disk cache’ which really comes into its own on high-speed connections. If you are lucky enough to get download transfer rates of 500 kb/s or higher, activating it allows BitComet to cache the data to access the disk less frequently. The result of this is that it doesn’t slow down your PC as receiving large amounts of data can sometimes do. This generally helps to make transfer speeds a little quicker than uTorrent.

Both apps are very accomplished in their own right and it’s worth giving each of them a shot, but from my point of view, uTorrent wins every time. uTorrent’s small footprint means it won’t strangle your system’s resources like ts rivalt can, and the program is free of the adware that blights BitComet. Although download speeds can be marginally quicker in BitComet, it overdoes things in terms of features and extras that aren’t really needed by most torrent users, making it much more cumbersome overall.


  • matt |

    hey.. i just downloaded the latest bitcomet.. how do i transfer files from utorrent to bitcomet..


  • nazim |

    i've been using flashget. this a good software. please discuss its advantages and disadvantages

  • tommy |

    Google it and find it for yourself Nooblet

  • ratraper |

    yo, i like......................................................cheese...oh and bitcommet, go use bitcommet people, so it will be the best, with more seeders and leachers and all.......zomfg, guess wat, this just in, bitcommet is the worlds second planet, commet bit, we will use it when the world is in global warming and destoys the world, muahahahaha

  • Joey |

    yo all, definitelly go for uttorrent. I tested the speeds of the downloads and uttorrent does find more seeds faster - meening greater speeds. Bitcomet is very lagy because of its CPU usage and the downloads eventually decrease speed. I recommend using Uttorent OR Bittorent, both fast clients.

  • Joey |

    OR if you are willing to pay a few dollars, there is supposed to be a uTorrent PRO to release with UNBELIEVABLE speeds, I watched a demo of the speeds on one download. $13 a month

  • Cracker |

    Yeh uTorrent all the way, as soon as i read bitcomet has ads, i knew... uTorrent has NO ads, is CLEANER, FASTER, and just plain BETTER! My stubborn friend uses bitcomet but hes a nub doesnt want to convert... Just dont waste your time

  • ryan |

    i have found recently at least that if u have the bitcomet passport active then it runs much much faster. However the client is somewhat unstable when i have downloads running that are larger then a few 100mb to my external hard drive the program freezes when i try to minimize and/or unminimize it however it only freezes visually it is in fact still downloading and does load eventually

  • emiliko |

    k'vo praim

  • Kasha |

    Im just wonderin if im the only one havin problems with utorrent.. it works great and all.. but for some reason when i have it running i can go online or browse because webpages wont load or open.. also im startin to have a problem with my msn when utorrent is running where ppl stop getting my messages and i stop recieveing theres..

    has anyone else had any of these problems with the utorrent program? thanks

  • Kasha |

    i ment to say when i have utorrent running i *cant go online or browse the net cause webpages wont open or load for me most of the time.

  • kay |

    i have been usin bitcomet for nearly five years and all i have to say is that it is and exellent client.

  • Wayne |

    I jumped into BitComet first, ver 1.07 and It works most of the time but when it's running I can't do anything else on the internet, it chokes my 3MB DSL. Once I shut it down I can do stuff again. I think there must be a better solution.

  • Woodman |

    I´m gonna try Bitcommet at this moment. I love Utorrent but it´s too slow, keeps telling me that my firewall is blocking whatever. The problem is i´v shut off all firewalls and such, so i´m a bit pissed of about that.

  • catalintoth@yahoo.com |

    Bitcomet is the Best. when morons donwload with 200kb/s, Bitcomet users download with 800~1000kb/s. And we can see anothers guys speed on BitComet

  • Fuck uTorrent |
    Fuck uTorrent

    the shit of uTorrent is fucking SSSSLLLLLOOOOOWWWWW , BitComet is 6x more fast and the v1.11 is the best of BitComet

  • uTorrents madafaka nubs |
    uTorrents madafaka nubs

    Bitcomet is the Best. when morons donwload with 200kb/s on uTorrent , Bitcomet users download with 800~1000kb/s. And we can see anothers guys speed on BitComet

  • uTorrents madafaka nubs |
    uTorrents madafaka nubs

    Bitcomet is the Best. when morons donwload with 200kb/s on uTorrent , Bitcomet users download with 800~1000kb/s.

  • Mystic Gohan |
    Mystic Gohan

    i have used both bc & u torrent i may finally conclude that each are best in their own way when im downloading in u torrent im getting download speed of 325-425 in bc 350-450 but when im downloading in bc net browsing is slow u torrent is light weight i dont worry about speed

  • ashish |

    I UsE BiTComEt And uToRRent both and Find that utorrent is better for slow connection(upto 256 kb/s) and bitcommet is better for fast connection(2 Mb/s) since i have slow connection i.e (128 kb/s)hence i use uToRRent.

  • detru |

    Don't used uTorrent. BELIEVE ME BITCOMET IS THE BEST TORRENT SOFTWARE and IT GETTING BETTER FOR EVERY NEW VERSION RELEASED.Unlike uTorrent and others torrent software (garbage).

    I don't care ff someone don't believe me. But if you looking or searching for better torrent software. Bitcomet is the right choice.

  • detru |


    I jumped into BitComet first, ver 1.07 and It works most of the time but when it’s running I can’t do anything else on the internet, it chokes my 3MB DSL. Once I shut it down I can do stuff again. I think there must be a better solution.

    Yeah, it depend on your UPLOAD setting. Try set > 20, don't let it set by default (unlimited). and also try to find good DOWNLOAD rate too.

    I'm really satisfied with Bitcomet. I tried so many torrent software and configure it to find out which application is better. But the conclusion I get is BITCOMET IS THE BEST OF THE BEST. Make sure to register after you're installed bitcomet.

  • joe |

    dont no why u guys are bitching about u torrent i download things just fine at a 1000kb/s and thats with a crappy isp, and it also downloads torrents/files from users running bitcomet, bit torrent, azureus, and transmisson. only reason its slow for you is your downloading crap that is LEECHED!!!! one thing some people do NOT look at is, in the preference's u must change maxium global download limit to ZERO [0]= unlimited same goes for firewall problems that some may have you must check the box that says add windows firewall exception. overall i have used all clients i prefer utorrent over many years of downloading my advice which ever you decide to go with just stay away from shit sites such as piratebay.org, seedpeer, rlslog, meganova You Will be plagued will trojans, adware and every shitty thing u can think of....1 thing to remember dont forget to SEED!!!!!

  • Leviathan |

    Bitcomet!! Nuff said!!

  • Lugia |

    used bit comet and utorrent but i find bitcommet more better.. lime wire suks

  • avnvgrv |

    bitcomet is the future and is best among all (much better than utorrent).

  • tutins |

    Bitcomet all the way. Just dont forget to register... registered users can gain levels from being online and/or seeding.... better level means faster downloads.

  • Arbi |

    I been using utorrent for a long time. I kept hearing how bitcomet speeds are faster so I used it for 1 month. Its NOT any faster. Bitcomet sucks. Its too big too clumsy and its jut plain ugly. utorrent is clearly the better choice.

  • DUDE |

    Dude when I use bitcommet its like running 90% on UTorrent Peers can someone tell my why?


  • Tried BC and uT |
    Tried BC and uT

    i used BC on the first time but when i tried uT after that i found that uT is faster than BC, my max speed on uT is 100kB/s and BC is only 50 kB/s. but this is not the end...after i used uT for some times(forgotten), i found that uT is getting more worse and worse, i never get speed over 100kB/s, do i decided to use back BC, i downloaded the latest version and guess what? BC goes over 100 kB/s and the new conclusion for me is max speed on uT is 50-100kB/s and BC is 70-125kB/s. I support BC from now on :D

  • Nonu |

    BitC is better....but it also invites Trojans!!!

  • Achim |

    I tried utorrent over bitcomet(i installed both software in my pc). and what a surprise! 0 seeds connected(im currently downloading "The A-team" torrent by jaybob). Im definitley going back to bitcomet after i download this movie. SEED GUYS PLEASE!

  • Trusted Member |
    Trusted Member

    I tried to get BitComet and uTorrent to download the same file from two computers with the same internet connection and BitComet turned out to win by a lot - uTorrent got about 150 kb/s while BitComet got almost 1.2 mb/s.

  • sinugbang_tobol |

    i see bitcomet much mor faster than utorrent guys...iv tested using utorrent and found out that bitcomet is way faster.

  • Jesse |

    I prefer BitComet, but i'm sure some people may prefer utorrent, and have their valid reasons>.. I just want to dispel a rumor i read above...someone suggested that the more people who use BitComet, the more seeds and leechers they'd connect to... You can be using BitComet and seeding to someone with Azureus, utorrent, or any other client...`

  • Gabby |

    I use Bitcomet from a while and I'm happy with it. I don't know why so many people hates it

  • Gabby |

    I use Bitcomet from a while and I'm happy with it. I don't know why so many people hates it.

  • Gabby |

    Bitcomet is better than utorrent. I tested them both, and Bitcomet proved to be much faster. Many people use Utorrent because they're like sheeps in a flock. They just say utorrent is better but they didn't even tried other clients. Anyway, I don't give a shit, because I'm happy with my BitComet.

  • Cookie |

    I used bitcomet on one of my first torrent downloads it was flying going at 125kb/s and sometimes 100kb/s (1meg shit line) then suddenly nothing was seeding or downloading at all so i used utorrent for about a year still on my one meg line and it was really impressive until they started with the new updates... went from 125kb/s to 0.5-20kb/s maxed... so in my opinion i prefer BitComet (for now) but uTorrent isnt a bad client. give both of them a go and test your speeds and stick to one until the other one is better :)

  • jammy |

    its fine

  • yesssss |


  • munja |

    bitcomet :)

  • DarkLBP |


  • francis.teh |

    Bitcomet is definitely better~ myscore is --> 99193 (rank 41047 as of 31-Dec-2013) Yay!

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