Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7Windows 7 is a fast, stable operating system that already includes high quality software by default. But that doesn't mean you aren't allowed to enjoy the advantages of  third-party apps.

Common tasks such as downloading files, chatting with your friends, creating documents or editing photos require tools that you won't find built into Windows 7. Also, some of the tools you used before may not be compatible with Microsoft's new operating system. This is why we've put together this list of 20 top free apps that work with Windows 7, with which you'll be able to take full advantage of your brand new system.

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7Security comes first. There are many antivirus apps that work with Windows 7, but Microsoft Security Essentials is the one that best integrates with the system. Plus it also protects you from spyware!

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7Stability is another key issue. While we wait for the new Windows 7 compatible version of TuneUp Utilities, CCleaner can also do a great job cleaning, tweaking and optimizing your system.

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7Don't be ashamed: we all have deleted files by mistake at some point in our lives. Fortunately we can count on this great tool called Recuva to get them back - and it works like a breeze on Windows 7 as well.

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7Need a password manager to deal with all your usernames, passwords, secret numbers and personal codes? Keepass is a great choice, and is also perfectly embedded in Microsoft's new operating system.

firefox-logo.pngBrowsing the Web is the main activity for most computer users. Windows 7 already features the new Internet Explorer 8, but I'm sure most of you will only use it to download Firefox. Another excellent alternative is Opera.

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7Speaking of the Web... what about downloading files? With JDownloader you'll be able to manage all your Internet downloads on Windows 7 in a very easy and efficient way.

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7Most of the files you download will be zipped, so you'll need a tool like PeaZip: a small yet powerful zipping/unzipping utility with which you can effortlessly handle compressed files on Windows 7.

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7After having your brand new Windows 7 computer for a while, it'll probably start to be bloated with new software. For those apps you don't use that often or don't need anymore, use Revo Uninstaller.

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7Creating and opening documents is another essential computer task - also on Windows 7. If you don't want to wait until Office 2010 comes out, try using OpenOffice, which is fully 7-compatible as well.

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7Talking about documents, PDF is the standard format for many of them, and Adobe Reader the standard tool to open them. Plus, you can now enjoy full PDF preview in Windows Explorer!

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7What if you don't need to view PDF files, but to create them? The best option then is to use one of the many available virtual PDF printers. PDFCreator is a good choice and works great on Windows 7.

Windows 7 Starter Pack - 20 free apps you needTime now for music! The old classic Winamp is fully compatible with Microsoft's new operating system. If you feel daring, you can also take a look at the new Windows Media Player 12.

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7If you don't really like Windows Media Player that much and prefer an alternative tool to watch your favorite movies on the computer, the powerful VLC Media Player works perfectly fine on Windows 7 as well.

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7Remember you'll need codecs! Despite its misleading name, XP Codec Pack is a great choice for Windows 7, and will let you to play all sorts of audio and video files on the computer.

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7Like other previous versions of the OS, Windows 7 includes a very basic burning tool to record data on a disc. But if you need more features and functionality, CDBurnerXP Pro can do the trick.

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7The great thing about computers is that they enable you to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world. Skype is one of the best tools for this task, and yes, it works on Windows 7 as well!

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7An alternative for IM and webcam communications would be Windows Live Messenger. Being developed by Microsoft, this program also takes full advantge of all the features in Windows 7.

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7Also included in the Windows Live pack, Windows Live Movie Maker is a great app to create your own customized photo presentations on Windows 7, in just a few easy steps!

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7Managing images has also become an important task in computers. Picasa is definitely our app of choice to browse, organize and edit photos on Windows 7 without effort.

Top 20 free apps that work with Windows 7Oh, and speaking of photos... don't forget to download our Windows 7 Wallpaper Pack! It includes nearly a hundred great Windows 7 free wallpapers to bring new life to your desktop.


  • Matt Perkins |
    Matt Perkins

    It interesting some of these apps mentioned aren't listed as Windows 7 compatible yet on Softonic. Now for me to offer the better choices.

    Avast over Microsoft Security Essentials for better protection.

    LastPass over KeePass for a simple Roboform feel without limitations

    PDF-XChange Viewer over Adobe Reader. Better than Adobe in all ways.

    IfraRecorder over CDBurnerXP Pro for better overall features.

    Trillian Astra over Windows Live Messenger. Less bloat plus more options.

    WinRAR over PeaZip. Last I checked WinRAR has no limitation as shareware.

  • Arien |

    I agree with Matt on avast being a good antivirus choice (although I haven't tried MS Security Essentials). Although I don't agree with Trillian vs. Live Messenger, I prefer the later, doesn't feel bloated to me.

    Also, maybe it's just me, but IE8 seems to work amazingly well with Windows 7. With all the memory problems Firefox has been giving me lately on XP, I'm giving IE8 a fair chance before switching to another browser.

    And... I guess this is not the best place to ask, but I could really use some advice on a free Windows 7 compatible FTP client. Any ideas?

  • Matt Perkins |
    Matt Perkins

    Well Arien,

    First off I recommend skipping Firefox 3.5 if you use Windows 7 and instead use Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 RC2. It is more Windows 7 friendly and even integrates some of Windows 7 features into it.

    While I don't use FTP clients I can say if in doubt use the FireFTP add-on. FireFTP doesn't rely on Windows only on Firefox. If you wish to use FireFTP with Firefox 3.6 Beta 1, your going to have to disable compatibility checking since it's not "Officially" Firefox 3.6 compatible but if it works with Firefox 3.5 it should work with 3.6.

    Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 RC 2: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/3.6b1-candidates/build2/

    About:Config: Add Baloon extensions.checkCompatibility Set to False

  • Arien |

    Oooh, very interesting information! Thanks a lot, Matt, I will give that addon a try. Although, I think I will wait with Firefox until the 3.6 becomes a final version, I'm not really in a hurry to switch just yet (IE8 is still being cool :)).

  • Michael |

    I'd suggest google chrome as browser, it's much faster, stabler and easier than firefox and explorer if you just want to browse and not use 10001 plugins and menu bars

  • Carl |

    I would recommend Filezilla as an FTP client.

    Installing Security Essentials as we speak :)

  • TCW |

    thank you

  • Karl |

    you guys forgot Foxitreader the best. http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/reader/

  • n00bz0r |

    Could you provide some links to the programs you listed Matt?

  • sahil |

    Hey Guys....

    I m using: i explorer 8.. firefox nd crome in Win 7 starter

    crome works much faster than remaing two...

    Cn anyone tell me how do I change desktop wallpaper in this window..

    Kindly mail me if u got any solution..


    Thanks nd Regards..

  • Default_Shiva |

    Paying forward the knowledge I recieved from a helpful post on another forum, I would like to share a tip with new users of win7 STARTER. I have a solution for those who wish to change their desktop background, which is rudely disabled in this limited version of the operating system. A third party program known as "Oceanis" is available for download that enables users of Starter to customize their background. SWIM used it successfully and can finally enjoy his N210 without becoming nauseous after looking at the desktop. An alternative to the download, should you not trust outside sources, is said to be available by visiting the following URL: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/11243/how-to-personalize-windows-7-starter/. SWIM, having success w/ oceanis, has not tried to modify the background using the manual method and therefor cannot vouch for it.

    I hope at least one person finds this post as a solution to their inquiry. I will not likely revisit this specific page so please do not reply to this post with an inquiry for me. Please do respond, however, if you have experience with either method mentioned.

    Best of luck and best wishes to you all.

  • Matt Perkins |
    Matt Perkins


    PDF-XChange Viewer pwns Foxit Reader. PDF-XChange Viewer does everything Foxit does and more.


    I would post links to products except it would involve me posting links outside of Softonic since Softonic seems to be slow updating a lot of their products. Just type in the names of the products on Softonic's website and it you can find them that way.

    And sorry I just got to replying. Ive been pretty busy and forgot about this topic. Sorry about that, I'm not exactly paid to post =P

  • palla ramarao |
    palla ramarao

    Wonderful listed free apps. I also want to make a mention of Format Factory and Foxit Reader. These are two great software for format conversion and reading PDF. I also have a post on windows 7 for disabling taskbar thumbnail preview. http://www.techlikes.com/2010/09/disable-windows-7-taskbar-preview-it.html

  • anne |

    are those application can be installed in windows7 starter ?

  • lmc |

    hello, someone can recommend some application for movie, i try to download realplayer, but it can't work...

  • jan |


  • Mister DRB |
    Mister DRB

    Why is is the English on these posts is so poor? You all need remedial English. People should proof read their comments before they print unreadable gibberish.

  • liz |

    hi! how do i install internet explorer 8 for windows 7 starter? i upgraded to IE 9 and totally dislike it but now i cant go back to 8 .. anyone have an idea how to get IE 8 back?

  • liz |

    as for changing the background in win 7 starter use a program called 'oceanis'

  • jasmine |

    how you gonna download it?? xx jasmine

  • Ashwin V |
    Ashwin V

    Thanks for the list n description ...., but instead of peazip u can use 7 zip ., it also does in winzip format .., n thanks for including Firefox as it is the best ever browser ., n also thanks for including Open office ., but instead of Adobe Reader , Foxit Reader is much better n also lighter than adobe reader. Thanks ., Regards , Ashwin

  • nik |

    i think it imposible....bcause...the power do not support the pc....futhermore it become slow if we download any video....

  • Simone |

    Quero baixar papel de parede diferente em meu not que é um windows 7 starter, como faço?

  • Rajendra |

    Thank you so much for giving such important information. I can change my wallpaper with oceanis.

  • rapture |

    I agree with the first poster: Definitely Avast over MSE. Also Chrome or Opera over Firefox. Foobar over Winamp (the choice of true audiophiles, light and lightning fast, excellent audio options and internal codecs). 7zip over PeaZip OR Winrar (completely free, supports more file formats).

    For video player, I changed to SPlayer, similar but better looking, easier options and most of all, the intelligent audio normalizer (compressor) that levels out the volume (loud explosions etc.)

  • mustafe barkhad carte |
    mustafe barkhad carte

    essentional security

  • andre.sid |

    PDF-XChange works outstanding. I used this software for long time and it gets better and better. It is most feature rich alternative to Acrobat. It also offers support for XFA PDF form files which neither Foxit nor Nitro do. ". If I have some questions - I can easily ask them in Support forum and to my big surprise I always get answers rapidly. So, I can say they pay attention to end-user needs and it's great!!! What another software has the same excellent support?

  • Henrik Grubelnik |
    Henrik Grubelnik

    iy cen dawload winamp


    ITS VERY GOOD BUT COST IS VERY HIGH ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... ................... .............................. .................... ................... .................. ............................................................

  • Sogio Rosso |
    Sogio Rosso

    I really thanks for all software. Because i would like it. I wish all of you have a good dream come true and successfully in your life.

  • miki |

    winamp lite and foobar2000 is exelent mp3, flack player, infrarecorder cd, dvd burner rocketdoc

  • hanna |

    Thank you to all. Everyone's comments here are so helpful.It enlights anyone who reads. I'll try some apps now.





  • sandra |

    Does any one know how to but music as notification when you have or receiving messing how to do it window 7phone help Da

  • amanx |


  • Ken Champaign |
    Ken Champaign

    Mr DRB, some of us don't need remesial English . Some people are like me and we throw misspelled words into the mix, and leave words out on purpose occasionly. Why ? Well as fun as you find it to judge and ridicule others for not meeting your standards of life, we find it as equally entertaining to bug the crap out of people that have nothing better in their lives to do. There is one of you no matter where we go, like the kid that is picked on in school, you can change the school but he is still going to get picked on. Therefore today . . . . .youi're it !

  • Ken Champaign |
    Ken Champaign

    Whoops I left too soon Mr DRB, I meant to leave an exact copy of the sentence structure you left, ie

    "Why is is the English on these posts is so poor? You all need remedial English. People should proof read their comments before they print unreadable gibberish."

    I don't know MisterDRB Why is is the English on these posts is so poor. . . . .You tell me , I'm all ears !

  • alvineantriqe.alvineantriqe |

    nothing buddy

  • wmgreen |

    Try Windows 7 Starter Background Changer. It adds the ability to change backgrounds and screensavers and closely resembles the original windows 7 utility. http://renaudgerson.fr/StarterBackgroundChanger/en/

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