Feedly focuses on speed, partnerships with other RSS readers


feedly-cloudFeedly is quickly becoming one of the most robust and feature rich alternatives to Google Reader. The company has announced that it has partnered with popular RSS readers like Press, Reeder, gReader, Nextgen, and Newsify. This means Feedly users will be able to log in and import their news feeds to these applications. Google Reader was great because of the sheer number of applications that supported the service and it looks like Feedly is ready to become the de facto replacement for Google Reader.

Feedly will also be focusing making its website and apps faster. The company said it has hired more developers to make sure it has the resources to provide a great experience. Windows 8 and Windows Phone support will be coming eventually as well.

While loved by many, Google will be shutting down its Reader service on July 1st, 2013 so make sure to watch our guide about how to export your feeds before it’s too late!

[Source: Feedly]

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