Firefox 22 will block all third party cookies by default

Firefox 22 will block third-party cookies by default, meaning only sites you visit will be able to install cookies in your browser. Third-party cookies are often from advertisers, which track you across websites, and allow better targeting of adverts.

Firefox won’t be the first browser to do this – Safari has done this for a long time. It is already possible to disable third party cookies in Firefox settings. Chrome allows all cookies by default, while Internet Explorer blocks third party cookies that do not have a compact privacy policy, or that save information that could be used to contact you without your consent.

To ensure this new policy doesn’t break websites, or interfere with browsing, it will spend ‘about 6 weeks each in the pre-alpha, alpha and beta builds’ of Firefox 22 according to its creator Jonathan Mayer.

Download the latest Firefox here, which now has an integrated PDF reader.

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