You've probably noticed by now the large number of good, free video players available. We've decided to compare contenders KMPlayer and VLC Media Player and see how they fare.

vlc.jpgFirst off, let's look at the interface. KMPLayer is fully customizable and, like Winamp, allows you to open multiple windows for controls, playlist or equalizer. You can move these around and adjust them to your liking. VLC has a very basic and intuitive interface, but also supports a number of skins. Each program offers a basic menu and hotkeys, giving you quick access to the playback functions.

Compatibility with a great deal of video formats is what makes both of these video players extremely popular. However VLC Media Player probably has the edge here, because, Real video being an exception, it seems to cover all existing video files. It can also play incomplete videos and will try to play an unknown format in its raw form. Each player has a large array of audio and video filters to process and enhance your videos. However, KMPlayer adds a feature for effects like aspect ratio or colors, to improve playback quality, not available in VLC.

km.jpgA feature I appreciate on both players is subtitle support. There is a good number of movie websites out there that offer subtitles in any language. You can quickly upload these in both VLC and KMPlayer. I was disappointed to find out though that VLC does not handle subtitles for the most common video format, AVI. KMPlayer appears to be the expert in this field. You can add multiple subtitles, set margins, rotations and effects, and adjust the font size.

All in all, I prefer using VLC, just because it has hotkeys and can be launched extremely quickly. However, if you need to set subtitles for that obscure Lithuanian thriller or if you're a control freak when it comes to audio and video processing, KMPLayer will suit you more. Which one do you prefer and, more importantly, why?


  • Jenlo |

    Used both players but find kmplayer much better... has better user interface.. u can even customize he Keyboard shortcut.. kmplayer serves its purpose pretty well..

  • Vitilsky |

    The KMPlayer is now owned by Pandora TV and it sucks big time because of it. They update it very slowly. And VLC looks shit. If you still care about originality and a piece of software that updates regularly, try Daum PotPlayer. It is the "KMPlayer Reloaded", made by the guy that created KMPlayer, because that one sold out. English version now available:


  • Carlos Eduardo |
    Carlos Eduardo

    KMPlayer para mí es mejor que VLC en cuanto calidad gráfica y sonora se refiere, en otros aspectos tb esta mejor su interfaz y diseño comparado con VLC; además reproduce el 99,99% de los vídeos mientras VLC solo el 90% osea tiene más compatibilidad y no consume tantos recursos como VLC.

  • madhu |

    hey some one says vlc should not be used in laptops as it may effect the speakers

  • Angelo |

    Are you guys crazy? KM player is way superior.. you can capture video and audio.. you can resync unsynced audeio and resave it out.. you have tons of effects that are in vlc plus more. you can frame step with your mouse or an assigned hotkey.. you can customize the whole thing man.. its unbelivable people would choose vlc. just try the darn thing..

  • Samar |

    KMP wins hands down (in fact it kicks VLC in the groin) - better skins, better interface, better support of Audio and Video formats, best of all it's easy to use!!! and the above mentioned users add other benefits

  • John |

    I've just installed km player... music and sounds are my life, so all I must say about this player is: omg... not to mention the quality of sound of all movies in my collection; I'm definately going to watch them over again :) The Fight Club is first in the list wow

  • KMP > VLC |
    KMP > VLC

    KMP > VLC

    VLC thinks about KMPlayer when it jacks off

  • Prasil |

    I would like to see QQPlayer in English. Its really so good

  • Joe Blow |
    Joe Blow

    KMPlayer is better in every way. It loads quicker, uses less system resources, it is less sluggish, has a way nicer looking and more professional interface. Also, KMP plays everything that VLC does (including .rm files and those you mentioned that it doesn't). KMPlayer has far more features than VLC, and completely blow it away in the screencapping/frame extracting, making stills and collages of screenshots. You didn't do a very thorough review of it. VLC looks like something made in the mid 90's.

  • K |

    For the smart people out there that focus on what it can do, and not how it looks. VLC is the obvious winner here. VLC plays 99.9% of all video and audio formats while KMPlayer plays about 75%. The smart person chooses VLC while the guy focusing on the bells and whistles get's his wallet stolen with a smile.

  • kgaurav |

    I stopped using vlc since it will hang sometimes after playing 10 or 12 videos continuosly and trust me my laptop consist of i7 processor with 6gb ram so i really cant put blame on it.Been using kmplayer for a year now and never experienced it hanging.So believe me if you are using vlc,kmplayer is way better.Give it a try.

  • Rainbow |

    I did read all your comments guys :D so ! THE WINNER issss : KmPlayer !!!!! Bravo ! KMPLAYER 2013

  • Imran K |
    Imran K

    Both are good, but i mostly use KMP due to its attractive interface and easy shorcuts. But when playing very high resolution movies, VLC is best.

  • jarkid |

    I had chosen the VLC, but it had troubled me that the bookmark feature doesn't work( in windows 7, the bookmark will be cleaned when you open it next time).

    So I just choose to uninstall it and install KMPlayer, and the bookmark feature works so well, and it's really important for our users, because sometimes we have to close the movie, but we'd like to watch the film from last time we watched.

    I tried to find the answer for VLC Player, but it seems it's a long-time problem and the programmer of VLC player seems unwilling to fix the problem, which I saw it from their forum.

    So, this is my final choise - KMPlayer.

  • mohammad.hairi |

    Qvod player is very perfect picture but not sure is safe

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