New imagery added to Google Earth

Google has added some new imagery to Google Earth, for a variety of places including Kyoto and Calgary. The new images are currently only viewable in Google Earth, but they will be pushed to Google Maps eventually.

Google has not published where new images have been added, but the Google Earth Blog has identified the following areas:

  • Canada: Calgary
  • Japan: Kyoto
  • New Zealand: Near Cave Stream Scenic Reserve
  • North Korea: Pyongyang
  • United Kingdom: Coventry (eastern part)
  • United States: Florida (Cape Canaveral), Virginia (Roanoke), Wisconsin (Woodruff), Wyoming (Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park)

You can check for new images manually, by comparing satellite view in Google maps side to side with Google Earth. This can make finding new images a bit like finding a needle in a haystack! Below you can see old and new imagery for Coventry in the UK.

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[Source: The Google Earth Blog]

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