Top 5 YouTube downloaders

Downloading from YouTube has become incredibly popular, and there’s a bunch of software out there to prove it. There are so many with such different features, however, that it can be hard to pick the best.

Here are our top 5 YouTube downloaders:

YTD Video Downloader – The best, in my opinion. You can search YouTube from the interface or simply enter a URL and it will download the video in .FLV or .MP4 directly to your desktop.

ultraget-video-downloader-24.jpgUltraget Video Downloader – Uses a browser style interface to download videos and also enables you to preview them. It’s a basic tool that does its job very well.

Free video downloader – If you use Windows 8, this is the winner by a mile. It looks good, downloads well, and plays back awesomely.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate – If you’re after quality videos, then you should check out a downloader that specializes in HD videos. It also downloads normal definition videos, but if you’re looking for more quality, you’ll have this option too.

KasterAll Video Downloader – Probably the most comprehensive of them all. Allows you to download in multiple formats and goes beyond YouTube including Dailymotion, Vimeo, PureVid, Metacafe and more.

[Original article published 10 July, 2007, revised 6 May, 2014]

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