Video: All of Diego Costa’s Chelsea goals recreated in FIFA 15

Now FIFA 15 has been out for a couple of weeks, as well as ironing out hilarious bugs, we’re starting to see dedicated gamers doing incredible things in the game. One such user, Fifizlo, has recreated all of Chelsea’s Diego Costa’s goals so far this season. Watch the video below.

As well as Costa, Fifizlo has made similar FIFA 15 videos of Cristiano Ronaldo, Alexis Sánchez and Paul Pogba. The videos are great showcases for how realistic this year’s game looks. From a distance, you really might be watching the real thing.

FIFA 15 was released on September 23rd on most popular platforms, including PC. The PC version was first to receive a post-release patch, which fixed some of the strange bugs that had been found since its release.

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We’re keeping our eyes peeled for more incredible videos created with FIFA 15.

Sources: Fifizlo, Kotaku

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